foto: Instagram/@itsrossa910

Interestingly, this house is dominated by glass so it feels cool and comfortable.

  29 Maret 2024 19:45 - Sri Rossa Roslaina Handiyani or known as Rossa, is the best-selling Indonesian diva of all time based on her album sales. There is no doubt about his musical career. One proof of his success is that he has succeeded in building a luxury house for his parents in Sumedang.

Meanwhile, Rossa now lives with her son, Rizky in Jakarta. The Rossa residence covers an area of 1000 meters. At that time, Rossa admitted that she had bought the house in finished form. So, this 45 year old woman only had to renovate a few corners.

Interestingly, this house is dominated by glass so it feels cool and spacious. Apart from that, the residence also has a tropical feel with green plants in several corners. One of them is the swimming pool behind the house. The swimming pool is connected to the lounge room and also the gym room.

Instead of being curious, let's just look at 9 portraits of Rossa's swimming pool. As compiled by from YouTube/Taulany TV, Friday (29/3).

1. This is a portrait of the swimming pool at Rossa's house which looks beautiful and cool.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

2. This swimming pool is right behind Rosa's house. So from Rosa's room, the view directly faces the swimming pool.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

3. Around the swimming pool there are lots of green plants and hanging plants which make the atmosphere cool.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

4. Because there are so many plants, Rossa has to be diligent in taking care of her pond. He usually calls a pool cleaner twice a week.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

5. In this house there are two types of pools, for adults and children. This is why Rossa's niece often comes to her house to play.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

6. This pool is connected to several spots. One of them is this gym room.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

7. Apart from that, it is also connected to the lounge room with soft sofa chairs where Rossa spends a lot of time.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

8. When Andre Taulany came, the atmosphere in Rossa's house felt like he was in Bali.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

9. Apart from that, there are also tables and chairs which are suitable for gathering and having a BBQ together.

Rossa YouTube swimming pool

That's a portrait of the swimming pool at the house of the Indonesian diva alias Rossa. The Rossa swimming pool features an elegant and modern design. With neat edges and beautiful accents, this swimming pool attracts attention from the first glance.

With a house area of 1000 square meters, this swimming pool undoubtedly has quite large dimensions. This provides enough space for Rossa and her family to enjoy swimming and relaxing.

Not only the swimming pool is attractive, but also the surrounding landscape. Lush green plants, tropical trees, and other decorative elements add a natural and charming feel.