Amy Qanita is known to have registered for Raffi's tutoring since she was 4 years old.

  11 Maret 2024 17:22 - Who doesn't know Raffi Ahmad? You could say that Raffi Ahmad is one of the popular celebrities whose name has not been eroded by time. Even though many young celebrities have arrived, in fact Raffi has proven his existence until now and is still active on the small screen.

All of this is due to Raffi's talent in all fields. As a versatile artist, he is not only skilled at acting, but has also successfully spread his wings in the world of presenting, music, business, and even sports. Always total in doing anything, it's not wrong that Raffi always wins in every job he does.

Apart from being successful in winning the title of favorite presenter, this father of two children was also able to bring victory in the tennis and badminton championships. Even recently, Raffi was able to complete his challenge by running the 42nd marathon at the Tokyo Marathon 2024 in just 5 hours 36.47 minutes.

Amy Qanita's prayers and practices  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@raffinagita1717

"Tokyo is my best achievement so far in completing the marathon with a time of 5 hours 36.47 minutes. Practice never lies, and experience is always a teacher. Even though in running we often chase time, it is also important to be friends with time. We must always believe in the process," he said, citing Raffi's upload.

Apart from going through every process, Raffi's success certainly cannot be separated from the struggles of Amy Qanita , who taught him from childhood. As a mother, Amy never stops praying for and providing support to her three children, including Raffi.

Amy Qanita also showed support for her baby by involving Raffi in various lessons. Nothing else, because Amy has big dreams for her eldest son. Amy Qanita said that she had registered for Raffi's tutoring since she was 4 years old.

Amy Qanita's prayers and practices  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@raffinagita1717

"When I was a baby, I really hoped that this baby would be able to do everything. From the age of four, it was normal to be obsessed with the first child," said Amy Qanita in the comments column of Raffi Ahmad's post, reported by Monday (11/3).

Now Amy Qanita is reaping the rewards of her struggle to educate her eldest son, even without the presence of her husband, who has already passed away. Amy expresses gratitude for having her first son who is successful in various fields. In accordance with his wishes from a long time ago.

"Thank God, after growing up...a mother's wish came true for her son, thank God," added Mama Amy.