Sarwendah explained that her condition at that time made it impossible for her to be next to her husband.

  20 Mei 2024 08:40 - Ruben Onsu's health condition has dropped again. He had to be rushed to the hospital in between filling in a program on a television station in Majalengka. This news became known from an upload by one of Ruben's team on the Instagram account @heidyhellena. In his upload, Ruben can be seen lying weak with several medical equipment attached to his body.

The upload was immediately commented on by Ruben Onsu's wife, Sarwendah. The 34 year old woman was shocked when she found out about her husband's condition. Not only Sarwendah, Ruben's younger brother, Jordi Onsu , was also shocked when he found out about his brother's condition and had to be taken to hospital.

explanation of sarwendah ruben onsu drop  instagram

photo: Instagram/@heidyhellena

This makes the public wonder, considering that Ruben Onsu's failing health condition was not known to his family. Responding to netizens' questions, Sarwendah also explained that he was not beside Ruben when he was sick.

Sarwendah said that he had busy activities from Sunday morning until evening, and all of these activities were related to his children.

explanation of sarwendah ruben onsu drop  instagram

photo: Instagram/@Sarwendah29

"I happen to be with the kids, right, so I have to hurry, because today I'm really, really busy," said Sarwendah, quoted by from the Intense Investigation YouTube channel, Monday (20/5).

Remembering that Ruben's health condition dropped at the same time as the sad news experienced by his son, Betrand Peto. It is known that Betrand's grandmother in East Nusa Tenggara died. Sarwendah also had to take her son back home.

"It was really early that morning. Onyo was also asked by his father and his family (to) go home. So this morning he was also waiting for him," he explained.

Ruben's wife has also taken her children to exams, then continued with work. Because of this, she could not accompany Ruben and was only able to meet her husband when he was taken from Majalengka Regional Hospital to Bunda Menteng Hospital, Sunday (19/5) evening.

"Today the children have an exam. So I also have to work first, so after that I clean up the children, then after that I can come here with the children," explained Sarwendah.

Sarwendah also shared news about Ruben Onsu's condition after he fell during an event in Majalengka. This mother of two said that her husband experienced dehydration while attending an event in one of the districts in West Java. This condition made Ruben so tired that he had to be rushed to Majalengka Regional Hospital.

explanation of sarwendah ruben onsu drop  instagram

photo: Instagram/@Sarwendah29

"I've asked, dad is dehydrated, tired. So far it's safe, he was able to play with the children. Yes, maybe it's because it's really hot, so dehydration is normal," he explained.

The former Cherrybelle member confirmed that Ruben had no serious illness. Even so, he is still waiting for confirmation from the manager and doctor who helped Ruben's recovery.

"It's not home yet. I don't know the details. Try to confirm it with the manager and the doctor because he's the one waiting," said the Jakarta-born woman.

Sarwendah said he could not stay in the hospital for long. Because Jordi Onsu is also accompanying a close relative who is in the ICU.

"The problem is that Jordi is also waiting for his great-grandchild, his father's great-grandson is also in the ICU. So he is really confused," he said.