Ariel Noah is tired of buying the wrong furniture because he was tricked by fake reviews

  19 Mei 2024 16:00 - Currently there is a lot of household furniture being offered on the market, both offline and online. The increasingly diverse types and innovations of household appliances mean that people are often confused about choosing good items to equip their home.

Many people are tempted by the design and cheap price. But unfortunately, quite a few end up feeling cheated, because the goods they bought did not meet their expectations. Therefore, it is very important to be more careful and thorough when shopping for household furniture.

This is also what Ariel NOAH did. Luna Maya's ex-lover is indeed an expert in music, but he doesn't have enough experience when it comes to buying household furniture .

Instead of looking at reviews on YouTube or social media, Ariel actually asked housewives for advice.
This was revealed by the vocalist on social media Threads which was also immortalized by the X account, @tanyakanrl.

He asked for help from mothers in making reviews of recommended electronic goods. Starting from washing machines, irons to rice cookers with the best quality.

"I want to ask seriously, is there a housewives association that makes reviews on the web, YouTube, etc. about the best washing machines in 2024, the best irons in 2024, the best rice cookers and so on," he wrote as quoted by from the account @tanyakanrl , Sunday (19/5).

Ariel Noah asks about furniture  various sources


For Boriel, Ariel's nickname, advice and input from housewives is very important for her at this time. Because, he doesn't want to buy the wrong item because he is tempted by fake reviews from people on social media.

"So that gentlemen don't make the wrong purchase and don't get tricked by fake reviews," he continued.

Ariel admitted that the household furniture was for herself. Considering that he only lives alone with his daughter, he admitted that he was overwhelmed. The singer of the song "Separuh Aku" openly accepts input from netizens, especially mothers.

"Who wants to try it later if you buy it, bro?" asked one netizen.

"I'm the one (using it)." Ariel answered.

Ariel Noah asks about furniture  various sources

photo: Instagram/@arielnoah

Ariel's efforts to ask mothers for advice so as not to be deceived when buying household furniture were apparently appreciated by netizens. Many of them helped Ariel and provided recommendations for these electronic products. However, it is not a little tempting that Ariel has often been fooled by fake reviews every time she buys the items mentioned.

"Our family's benchmark is that if small electronics are phillips. If large electronics are sharp," said @chloropil_.

"These gentlemen seem to be really stressed. It's cool that you want to start a business," commented the account @Lukasenjaaa.

"wkwkwkwk, smells are often fooled," said @yubiaksara.

"I thought it was a random sir, it turned out to be Ariel Noah," said @unguena.