Westlife finally paid in full for their performance, where two years ago the concert took place in the dark

  8 Juni 2024 09:45

Brilio.net - The legendary vocal group from Ireland, Westlife , successfully rocked the city of Yogyakarta on Friday (7/6) at Prambanan Temple. This world tour entitled "The Hits Tour 2024" is also the first stop for Shane Filan, Nick Byrne, Kian Egan performing in Indonesia.

Indonesia, a country known for its huge Westlife fan base, is the main location for this tour. Westlifers, as Westlfe fans from all over Indonesia are willing to come to Yogyakarta to watch their idol's spectacular performance.

Even without Mark Feehily, last night's Westlife concert was still lively. Westlife feels like it is inviting its fans to explore a time machine from the 90s to 2000s through songs that were hits at that time.

Thousands of spectators were seen filling the chairs and terraces of Prambanan Temple Park. Even though the concert started at 19.30 WIB, the audience had started arriving since dusk.

Westlife The Hits Tour 2024  various sources

photo: Brilio.net/Syeny Wulandari

The concert was opened by singer from the Philippines, Christian Bautista starting at 19.30. Starting his performance, he presented the song 'Color Everywhere' which he released in 2004.

After the first song, Bautista greeted the audience. About to sing the song Since I Found You, the 42 year old singer asked everyone to sing along.

"Who recently just got married here? Because this next song I am going to sing, it is always requested for weddings. This song is 'Since I Found You'. So, please sing along with me if you know it," said Bautista.

The audience who were present then had fun singing along, following the song lyric by lyric. Bautista walked to the left and right of the stage, greeting the audience who came from various cities.

After several songs, he then closed his performance with a touching song. Bautista performed his best hit entitled The Way You Look at Me.

"For man this song is for you, 'you make me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be'. Find someone who will be that person in your life," he explained.

Westlife The Hits Tour 2024  various sources

photo: Instagram/@xtianbautista

After Bautista left the stage, Westlife performed at exactly 20.30 WIB. Westlife opened their concert by singing the hit song, World of Our Own, which was immediately welcomed by the audience.

They then shifted to the song I Lay My Love on You from the album Coast to Coast. This song, which was released more than two decades ago, in 2000 to be precise, has succeeded in becoming a medicine for fans' longing.

After performing the third song, Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You, Westlife personnel greeted fans. Shane Filan said that he and the other personnel were very happy to be able to perform again in Indonesia.

"it is so good to be back in Indonesia guys, so happy to be here, we are going to have lots of fun tonight, we are going to sing some great songs, bring back all those memories," he said.

Sure enough, Westlife also performed a number of their old favorite songs such as Flying without Wings, If I Let You Go, and Fool Again. They even sang a song that had never been sung at a concert in Indonesia, namely Beautiful In White. The atmosphere was warm with the nostalgic songs sung by the trio.

Westlife The Hits Tour 2024  various sources

photo: Brilio.net/Syeny Wulandari

Apart from singing together, fans also gave gifts to the personnel. In fact, Nicky received a pillow with a picture of his face as a gift from a fan.

In the middle of the concert, Kian Egan conveyed the current condition of Mark Feehily after surgery. Mark had to rest for a long period of time so he couldn't join Westlife's tour to several places.

"He (Mark) had some surgery a few months ago, the doctor ordered him to take a very long time to recover, he's sorry he can't be here, he will be back with us next time, we promise," concluded Kian.

The audience's enthusiasm became even bigger when Westlife sang the song Evergreen. Evergreen is one of the boy band's original songs on the album World of Our Own. The audience, who had been lulled by Westlife's harmonies, sang the song again.

Interestingly, the personnel invited the audience to raise and lower the cellphone flashlight. While walking along the edge of the stage, they gave signals, which were then followed by the audience.

Nearing the end of the event, Westlife hit the stage with the song Uptown Girl which was so popular in the 2000s. They didn't seem to run out of energy even though they had been singing for 1.5 hours. Likewise with the audience from the Festival area who seemed to be jumping up and down enjoying every beat.

Westlife The Hits Tour 2024  various sources

photo: Brilio.net/Syeny Wulandari

Followed by the song You Raise Me Up, Westlife appeared so charming in a white tuxedo. Some of the audience had already gone home and then returned to their seats to enjoy the song.

At 22.30, Westlife ended its tour in Indonesia. In closing, the trio performed the song My Love which was also sung by the audience.

Counting, Westlife performed a total of 19 songs. Westlife succeeded in paying for a concert two years ago which was not optimal.

As is known, the Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour concert at Prambanan Temple on October 2 2022 was an unpleasant experience, both for the members and the audience who attended. Heavy rain continued to pour down on the concert location so that the lights or lighting in the stage area were turned off. The large screen or giant screen that had been prepared was also not turned on for the safety of the vocalists.