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A simple but warm birthday surprise party

  8 Maret 2024 14:25 - Aaliyah Massaid is now 22 years old on Friday (8/3). On the same day, Tariq Halilintar gave Aaliyah a small surprise. This surprise moment was of course enlivened by the presence of people closest to Reza Artamevia's child.

In the video uploaded by Tariq Halilintar on his personal TikTok @thoriqhal, Aaliyah can be seen coming home with her lover with her eyes closed. In order not to spill, Atta Halilintar's sister covered Aaliyah's eyes with a cloth. Tariq then led his lover into the house, where there were already people ready to welcome him.

When Aaliyah entered, they greeted her with surprising and festive confetti. His mother, Reza Artamevia, also came with a birthday cake with candles with the number 22. In fact, Tariq had also prepared a complete cake with elegant blue decorations.

The most interesting moment was when Aaliyah got a gift from Tariq which was wrapped in newspaper. The gift was wrapped carelessly so it looked messy and unintentional. But don't be mistaken, it turns out the price of a gift wrapped in newspaper will make your jaw drop, you know.

What was Aaliyah Massaid's surprise birthday moment like from Tariq Halilintar? Check out the portrait compiled by from TikTok @thoriqhal on Friday (8/3).

1. On her 22nd birthday, Aaliyah Massaid received a surprise from her lover, Tariq Halilintar.

Aaliyah Massaid's birthday surprise  2024

2. With her eyes closed, Aaliyah was taken to a place she didn't know. It turned out that Tariq had prepared a surprise for Aaliyah.

Aaliyah Massaid's birthday surprise  2024

3. Aaliyah was shocked when she took off her blindfold and found her friends and family welcoming her presence with confetti.

Aaliyah Massaid's birthday surprise  2024

4. Reza Artamevia, Aurel Hermansyah, and Atta Halilintar were seen attending a special event for Aaliyah. Unable to hide his happiness, he was seen hugging them.

Aaliyah Massaid's birthday surprise  2024

5. Tariq's surprise was a small but warm celebration. Starting from the decorations and cakes, the color blue is used.

Aaliyah Massaid's birthday surprise  2024

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