Music is one of the toughest industries in the entertainment world

Victoria Tunggono   26 June 2016 13:14 - There are many ways to achieve success, including in the music industry. Some people can get their fame instantly in talent search auditions, or through the long way of process of making demo tape, sending it to various recording studios and getting rejected a few hundred times before they finally have a chance to debut. Despite the different ways of getting to the top, only hard work will define them as the true musicians that they are.

Below are the list of Indonesian singers who got their fame through long and hard work without any audition:

1. Raisa Andriana (Raisa)

Image via picssr

The 25-year old woman was first recognized from a YouTube video where she sang her song “Serba Salah”. She then debuted in the music industry in March 2011 with the same song as her single. Now Raisa has released two albums: self-titled Raisa and Heart to Heart.

2. Muhammad Tulus (Tulus)

Image via bekasiurbancity

Tulus started his debut by making an indie album in his recording studio that he established with his big brother Riri Muktamar. His first album was self-titled Tulus. In 2013, the 28-year old man won the Rookie of the Year award from Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine.

3. Afgan Syahreza (Afgan)

Image via simomot

2008 was the beginning of Afgan’s career as his name was launched. He was voice recording with his friends in WannaB Instant Recording for their private collections, but the studio producer had something else to offer. Ever since, the 26-year old man has released four albums and a few more singles.

4. Vidi Aldiano

Image via storibriti

Vidi recorded his voice in the same recording studio with Afgan. Vidi’s father Harry Kiss was the one who didn’t stop trying to get Vidi’s demo to several studios. After six times of rejection, Vidi could start his debut and has released four albums now.

5. Petra Sihombing

Image via stagephotographyindonesia

Petra was struggling in indie way to produce his songs. The 23-year old man had even sold his car to fund his recording. The results paid off as his songs got attention from several TV stations and made him popular. Until today, he had released three albums.

6. Indah Dewi Pertiwi

Image via kapanlagi

Known as IDP, Indah started her career as a hot model. In 2010 she changed professions and became a singer by releasing an album. The 24-year old woman has now released eight albums and seven singles.

7. Cakra Kahn

Image via kapanlagi

Cakra gained popularity from his first single “Harus Terpisah” in 2012. Ever since he is known as one of the singers with unique vocal. In 2013 the 23-year old released his first album and won many awards.

8. Cita Citata

Image via kapanlagi

Cita started her career as a jazz singer and performed in cafes for live band but it was the famous dangdut song “Sakitnya Tuh Di Sini” that made Cita Citata’s name is widely known in 2014. After that she released three more dangdut songs; two of which also gained her big success.

9. Isyana Sarasvati

Image via rollingstone

Isyana graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in Singapore and Royal College of Music in United Kingdom. The 22-year old woman has also won several Asian music awards. She has released two singles and both of them became hits.

10. Calvin Jeremy

Image via officialcalvinjeremy

Calvin started his career in the music industry by releasing an album titled Selamanya in 2010 with a famous song, “Dua Cinta Satu Hati”. He is also known from his videos on YouTube, which got the attention from a television station in the Philippines. In 2012 the 24-year old man released a self-titled album Calvin Jeremy. His husky and falsetto voice is one of his best features.




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