Snapchat fanatics out there, here's one pair of spectacles you'll definitely want to have.

  4 Oktober 2016 16:43 - We all want to capture our pivotal moments in the best way possible, andin its most recent innovation, Snapchat has announced its plan to launch Spectacles, a product that will allow users to achieve just that. This kickass pair of sunglasses comes with anintegratedvideo feature so you can easily snap your moments on the go.

 Snapchat introduces video-recording sunglasses  2016

Snapchat introduces video-recording sunglasses
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In addition to shooting snaps, wearing Spectacles will grant you access to record your unique experiences for a maximum of 30 seconds each time. The camera is positioned on the front side of the Spectacles, and when you're all set, a light will be activated. From then on, you'll be ready to capture your favorite moments! Your recordings will then be saved under the 'memories' section of the Snapchat app, enabling you to look back onthem for a limit of 24 hours from the time of the upload.

 Snapchat's kickass Spectacles product  2016

Snapchat's kickass Spectacles product
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Although an official launch date has yet to be announced,Snapchat has revealed that each pair of Spectacles will cost US$130. The introduction of this product also comes with a change in its brand name, that is from to Snap, Inc., althoughthe mobile app itself willstill retain the name Snapchat.

So all you Snapchat fanatics out there, are you ready to take this cool app to the next level?