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Rosemary tonic usually has a relatively expensive price, there are alternative ingredients that can be used

  15 Mei 2024 15:11 - Hair loss is a common problem experienced by most people. But unfortunately, many people don't realize that the strands of hair they are losing have exceeded normal limits. Ultimately this will result in hair thinning and baldness. Baldness is a condition where hair falls out excessively and makes the scalp look very obvious.

Normally in a day a person can lose around 50-100 strands of hair. If the number of strands of hair falling out exceeds this number, you need to be careful. Because if it is not treated immediately, you could experience baldness on part of your head or your entire head.

Several factors such as history of illness, stress, hormonal influences, pregnancy, low calorie or carbohydrate diets, puberty and menopause can cause hair loss which results in baldness. Apart from that, environmental factors, such as sun exposure, air pollution, and even poor water quality can also contribute to hair brittleness and problems with hair loss and even baldness.

Not only that, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of nutrition, and styling your hair too often using heating tools and chemical dyes can cause your hair to quickly become damaged, fall out, and even become bald. Of these various factors, genetics or heredity is the most common factor causing baldness.

If you are one of the people experiencing this problem, there is no need to worry, because you can overcome it in various ways. One way is to use a hair tonic that contains rosemary.

The reason is, rosemary leaves are believed to be able to increase hair growth thanks to the vitamins and antioxidants they contain. But unfortunately, rosemary tonic is usually relatively expensive. Another solution, you can make your own hair mask using only natural ingredients.

As shared by a TikToker via his personal account @beautytips329, who only uses 3 natural ingredients to grow bald hair. The natural ingredients in question are bananas, aloe vera gel, and olive oil.

Grow bald hair without rosemary tonic Various sources

photo: TikTok/@beautytips329

Banana content stimulates hair growth.

Bananas are a fruit that is high in potassium and minerals. Thanks to these ingredients, bananas are claimed to be able to help increase hair strength and prevent hair loss. Bananas also contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and biotin, which are important for healthy hair and nourish the scalp. This vitamin helps strengthen hair roots and stimulates healthy hair growth.

Benefits of aloe vera gel for treating bald hair.

Aloe vera gel is rich in vitamins A, C and E. These three types of vitamins contribute to accelerating cell regeneration as well as making hair cells healthy. In fact, aloe vera gel is also known to strengthen and stimulate healthy hair growth.

This benefit is known to come from the aloenin content in it. The antioxidants in it can also treat bald hair due to genetic and environmental factors.

Olive oil can nourish hair.

Olive oil is one of the natural ingredients that is widely used to nourish hair. This is thanks to the fat content, vitamins A, E and K in it which play a role in protecting keratin while strengthening hair roots. This is what will help reduce the loss that occurs.

Apart from the various vitamins already mentioned, olive oil also contains oleuropein. Oleuropein is said to be able to stimulate hair growth, so that hair can grow faster and thicker.

Relying on these three natural ingredients, you can make a hair mask that is effective in growing bald hair. Regular use will also prevent hair loss. This is how to make and use it, as reported by from the TikTok account @beautytips329, Wednesday (15/5).

Grow bald hair without rosemary tonic Various sources

photo: TikTok/@beautytips329


- 1 ripe banana
- 1/2 tablespoon aloe vera gel
- 2 tablespoons olive oil

How to create and use:

1. Puree the banana using a blender until it is really soft
2. Pour into a container then add aloe vera gel and olive oil
3. Stir the three ingredients until evenly mixed
4. Apply the mask to the hair and scalp thoroughly, especially the bald area
5. Massage gently to make it more absorbed
6. Leave it for 30 minutes then rinse with water until clean
7. Continue with shampoo and conditioner
8. Do this method regularly 2-3 times a week to get thick, bald-free hair.

Grow bald hair without rosemary tonic Various sources

photo: TikTok/@beautytips329

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