There is an effective way to clean your face using micellar water so there is no risk of causing acne.

  11 Juni 2024 17:10 - Micellar water is a skincare product used as a facial cleanser. As the name suggests, this micellar water is made from water, glycerin, and formulated with mild surfactants. All the ingredients in micellar water are claimed to be able to remove dirt easily without making the skin greasy. In fact, a number of beauty brands claim to be able to remove remaining makeup in just a few swipes.

Using micellar water is easy and not complicated, of course it makes users comfortable. Even though using micellar water seems simple, there are still some people who use micellar water incorrectly. Using the wrong micellar water can actually trigger acne, dry and dull skin.

To keep your facial skin healthy, a doctor named Gio, who is a beauty expert and TikToker, shares several tips on how to use micellar water.

"There are four tips so that you don't make a mistake again," said Dr. Gio, quoted by from TikTok @dr.giovanniabraham. Tuesday (11/6).

How to use micellar water. various sources

photo: TikTok/@dr.giovanniabraham

The first tip you need to do is use micellar water before washing your face. According to Dr. Gio, doing double cleansing maximizes the performance of micellar water. The reason is that applying micellar water and then continuing with washing your face is claimed to be able to remove dirt and oil.

Meanwhile, the second tip is to maximize the use of cotton and micellar water. Especially when you use thick makeup. Try to use more than two or three cotton swabs.

"Don't be too economical, or the dirt will stick to other places. So don't be economical," explained Dr. Gio.

How to use micellar water. various sources

photo: TikTok/@dr.giovanniabraham

The third tip is don't just clean your face. Start cleaning your face from the bottom first or the part that doesn't have too much makeup. The reason is that pulling cotton from dirty parts to clean areas of the face can cause acne.

"For example, if you have a lot of makeup on your eyes, don't clean your eyes first, then rub the clean areas," he explained.

How to use micellar water. various sources

photo: TikTok/@dr.giovanniabraham

The fourth or final tip is to use micellar water, not by rubbing. Instead, let it sit on the dirty area first. After that, then you wipe it slowly. Simply by attaching cotton containing micellar water, dirt on the face can be removed.

"So it's not scrubbing, don't be like you're cleaning the table, cleaning the dishes, right. If it's dirty, replace the cotton and add micellar water," he added.

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