Not only does it make your skin bright, this baby product is also able to fade scars.

  11 Juni 2024 11:10 - For some people, having striped skin problems due to sun exposure is quite disturbing to their appearance. But you don't need to worry, because striped skin that occurs on your hands or feet can be treated with proper care.

As recently viral on TikTok, a trick to brighten and even out striped skin tone. This trick provides a number of benefits for the skin which has made some beauty vloggers try this beauty trend, one of which is a mother named Dinar Rizqiyya.

Through her TikTok account @dinararizqiyyaraf93, she shares beauty tricks that combine body scrub and baby oil. Baby oil is used as a mixture because it easily removes dead skin cells. It's not surprising that a combination of two products, if used regularly, can make your skin bright .

" Does anyone use this scrub too? " said the video upload, quoted by , Tuesday (11/6).

The content creator also revealed that the use of baby oil can be replaced with olive oil. For those of you who are interested, let's look at the steps below:

Combine the body scrub with 1 baby care product from various sources

photo: TikTok/@dinararizqiyyaraf93

1. Prepare the body scrub that you usually use and baby oil.
2. Pour enough baby oil into a clean container.
3. Apply baby oil first to your hands.
4. Then cover it with scrub.
5. Apply evenly.
6. Wait until it is half dry.
7. Rub gently.
8. Rinse the scrub using plain water.
9. Dry using tissue or a clean towel.
10. Use this trick regularly, namely two to three times a week, so that your skin becomes brighter and shinier.

The benefits of baby oil and body scrubs to brighten spotty skin

There are many ways you can use to even out patchy skin, one of which is in the beauty vlogger video above who uses the Vienna Whitening Body Scrub and baby oil. Both products have their own benefits for the skin.

Vienna Whitening Body Scrub contains ingredients in the form of goat's milk which is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. All of these ingredients are useful for nourishing the skin, rejuvenating and refreshing. The antioxidant content in Vienna Whitening Body Scrub can prevent aging and protect the skin from exposure to UV rays. The AHA content in Vienna Whitening Body Scrub helps brighten the skin.

Meanwhile, baby oil is able to moisturize the skin because it contains glycerin, ethanol and water. Not only that, all of these ingredients can make the skin supple. Even baby oil can fade scars, because it contains minerals.

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