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It is amazing to see how one touch can change the direction of the flow and the whole shape.

Victoria Tunggono   22 April 2016 12:43

Brilio.net - Eric Landon is a potter and designer who has been doing his job for over 24 years now, handcrafting objects. He graduated in 2008 from the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen, where he spent his time creating ceramics after moving across continents in 1999. Before that he lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, since his birth in 1976. In his hometown he has been working with ceramics since he was 16, but studied economics at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

In 2012 Eric founded the ceramics studio Tortus Copenhagen, together with his brother Justin Landon and fellow ceramist Karin Blach Nielsen. Nielsen graduated from the Royal College of Art handles the glazing while Landon creates all the pottery in Tortus Copenhagen, as he is the master potter. The studio is based in an 18th century truse-style building in a courtyard off Kompagnistræde in central Copenhagen, Denmark.


Production is in full swing in the studio today. #Tortus #copenhagen #ceramics #pottery#handmade #craftmanship #interior #studio

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Landon’s quality of work has been awarded with a number of grants, international exhibition selections, and other distinguished praises. He always focuses on constant refinement of both form and technique, which he thinks each is evolving naturally with the presence of the other. “(It’s) like a dance between me and the material,” he once said.

His pottery design concept is based on the “modern adaptation of traditional and time-tested making methods, with the goal of creating vessels of a timeless quality and beauty,” as quoted from the website. The ceramics are rich in colours, textures and forms, which resulted unique objects on each encounter.


I posted a bowl earlier that people seem to like. This is how I made it.

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Unika vases in my window. #handmade #ceramics by #Tortus #copenhagen with a #love for #craftsmanship and #unique #pottery

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Unika in mini format. Only available directly from the studio. #Tortus #copenhagen #ceramics #pottery #handmade #unika #glaze

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Today, Landon has become a social media star due to his video posts on his Instagram account. He has been recording the process of pottery making and published them to please his over 395,000 followers. In those videos you can see Landon sitting behind the pottery wheel and shaping various forms of the ceramic with the touch of his hands. It is amazing to see how one touch can change the direction of the flow and the whole shape.

“One great thing about pottery is that it is one of the few things in the world that rewards age,” he told BuzzFeed news. If you want to see his works, you can check his Instagram account @tortus_copenhagen or website www.tortus-copenhagen.com




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