With 18 quintillion planets to visit, it would take 584 billion years to wrap this new open world game.

  23 August 2016 14:35

Brilio.net - Singaporeans have been crazy about video games in recent years, ever since the the city was hit by a wave of multiplayer madness. If you’re literate in the world of e-sports, you probably know by now that Singapore is not lacking in famous gamers. It even has an all-girl DotA team that competes in high stakes tournaments. These are the kind of people who can spend more than 10 hours a day playing. Fortunately for them, a new kind of game has been released in the Lion City.

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“It’s an incredibly hyped game. Hugely anticipated by a massive number of people. The fandom reached a religious level months ago.”

-John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, independent game reviewer

On August 9, No Man’s Sky was officially released in Singapore. Don’t know what this game is all about? To put it simply, it’s the ultimate dream world for science fiction fanboys to disappear into in search of life in other galaxies. What’s so special about it? Take a moment to learn about the game, and let your mind get blown.

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The premise of the game is all about space exploration and adventure. For starters, there are 18 quintillion planets that you can visit in the game yes, you read that correctly, it’s quintillion with a ‘Q,’ or the figure 18 followed by 18 zeros. If you took one second to visit each planet in the game, it would take you 584 billion years to go everywhere in No Man’s Sky. Each planet has its own unique landscape, weather, flora, fauna, and even language.   

It’s all possible thanks to a complex algorithm in the game that automatically generates all the planets and elements while the game is running. So, why didn’t the creators just construct all the planets in advance? Well, let’s just say the developers wanted the universe to never be predictable, but they also didn’t want to write code for all eternity.

A lonely universe for a lonely spaceman

via No Man’s Sky

The developers of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games Studio, evidently love to explain their game, but only in vague terms. To date, there’s still no definitive proof of whether the game has a multiplayer feature or not. Many gamers are asking: “Does it matter?” Considering the sheer size of the game’s universe, even with thousands of players flying around in spacecrafts, what are the chances that two real players would actually meet each other? The likelihood of two users ending up on the same planet in a game that is constantly generating new worlds is infinitesimally small. A multiplayer version of No Man’s Sky would have to operate in a smaller existence.   

What makes the concept of No Man’s Sky jaw-dropping and somewhat profound are the unfathomable depths of its universe that are in fact identical to our own (as far as we know). Although, it’s unlikely that we are alone in the universe, space is so expansive that we will probably never get to meet other sentient beings. But with some of the world’s most hardcore gamers, Singapore is likely to try with No Man’s Sky.


Author: Maximilian Surjadi via Content Collision




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