It’s all about the technique, angle and timing

Victoria Tunggono   23 June 2016 09:40 - As many photographers are using technology and Adobe Photoshop to beautify the result of their photographs, some images can be taken so beautifully--or as bizarre as it can be--without being edited at all. Sometimes it’s because of the unique object, and sometimes it’s all about the technique, angle and timing. Compiled from, below are the 15 photographs taken originally without Photoshop:

1. Makeup can create two different kinds of beauty: glowing and grayscale


2. Billy Owen, the main actor of Eli Roth ghost house movie, really lost one of his eyes due to cancer.


3. The house exist in Germany.


4. This is not a real house, but a barricade to cover the construction behind it.


5. It looks like he’s walking on water but in reality it’s just perfectly timed with him jumping into the water.


6. The architect created this optical illusion fountain tap.


7. Brutus, the pet bear, is having dinner with the whole family.


8. The cloud seems like a tornado.


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