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It's not everyday you can see jet planes flying upside down over your town.

Agustin Wahyuningsih   02 May 2017 14:05

Jupiter Aerobatic Team (JAT) of Indonesian Air Force (AU) is back in action to demonstrate a thrilling visual experience during the 2017 Jogja International Air Show (JIAS) in Depok Beach Runway, Bantul, Yogyakarta on Sunday.

For four consecutive days before the event, the Yogyakarta-based seven-pilot team internationally admired for their death-defying synchronised aerobatic performance has roamed over the city's skies, drawing patterns to captivate thousand eyes of citizen with their South Korean-manufactured KT-1B Wong Bee.

In case you missed them, we've gathered some photos and footages from the JAT's official facebook page and other social media capturing their action before and during the 2017 JIAS, Monday.


1. Above the Malioboro's sky

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team/Kusri Hatmoyo

2. 0-kilometer point of Yogyakarta

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team

3. Bomb burst maneuver above the Prambanan Temple

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team/Ardian MK

4. Flying above Ratu Boko complex

Photo: Instagram/@berandajogja

5. The final day of 2017 JIAS

6. Mirror maneuver by Jupiter 5 & 6

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team/Ardian MK

7. Screw roll by Jupiter 4 Team

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team/Ardian MK

8. Roaming above Depok Beach

Photo: Instagram/@dannarwhilasto

9. Flying over Keraton Yogyakarta Palace

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team

10. A bridge on the sky

Photo: Facebook/@Jupiter Aerobatic Team

11. A huge 'love' from JAT to Yogyakarta residents



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