Head-scratching and heart-stopping at the same time.

Tunggul Kumoro   16 June 2016 17:38

Brilio.net - Keith Loutit, a Singapore-based Australian filmmaker and photographer has set a whole new level for creating a timelapse video. Loutit snapped nearly a million photographs which costs him three years (yes, three years) for his four and half minutes ultimate video entitled The Lion City II: Majulah. Check this out!

By the time you finish watching this video, perhaps, the biggest question lingering your mind is, "How!?" Loutit explains that the shooting was done in several locations around the city, leaving him with 10 terabytes of photos and video to back up and edit simultaneously.

We don't really know exactly how the process works and we have to be content at being idle witnesses to the perfect sequence of dynamic motion and color grading in this video. It is made only lovelier when you have to say nothing of the meaningful message veiled inside, and only accept as it is.

Yup, admit it, you've almost certainly never seen a timelapse video this breathtaking before, huh?



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