This might put all of your Halloween costumes to shame.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   29 October 2016 16:32 - Fathers would often do almost anything to keep their daughters happy, and for Josh Rossi, an Italian photographer, that means creating the perfect Wonder Woman costume. He spent $1,500 to put together the costume and props, and dress his daughter, Nelle, as the Wonder Woman who was recently featured in DC Comics' film Batman vs Superman. He made sure to take photos of her, edit the photos using cool Photoshop effects, and shared these images with the world.

Here are the results, taken from his Instagram, @joshrossiphoto:

1. The costume and all the props.


2. Before the photoshoot.


3. During the photo session.


4. Before Photoshop.


5. After Photoshop.


6. Cool!


7. Just like in the movie.


8. Little Wonder Woman.


9. Stunning visual effects!


10. A dream comes true!


11. Thanks, dad!



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