Baking a cake is one thing. Decorating is another!

Retno Wulandari   27 July 2016 11:28 - Baking a great-tasting cake is important, but making the cake drool-worthy with dashing decorations brings it to that next level. Decorating a cake is no different than painting! It needs all the skills and imagination you have at hand.

Here are some otherworldly works:

1. Check out this steampunk wedding cake? 

via ArtisanCakeCompany

2. A perfect birthday cake for hubby

via Verusca

3. Cool one for your fierce female boss who wears Prada... err, we mean Gucci

via Verusca

4. For you Chinese take-out fans

via Naldzgraphics

5. This one is pretty cool as well! Wait... is that savory?

via Emily

6. Van Gogh would be proud...

via Imgur

7. ... so would Klimt...

via Ecraftstudio

8. ... and Picasso, too!

via Boredpanda

9. This one's built with bricks

via Passionate Cakes

10. A very trendy bird

via Artistic Globe

11. This wedding cake is insane! By the way, it belongs to Indonesian celeb couple Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia

via CumiCumi

12. This one looks a bit creepy, but with awesome detail

via Wizzed

13. Sweet library!

via VCMedia


14. This one's handmade

via Flickr




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