Exactly 71 years ago, Indonesia first president Soekarno proclaimed the country independent.

Fadila Adelin   17 August 2016 19:22

Brilio.net - Retrieved from the IPPHOS (Indonesia Press Photo Service) archive, here are photos from the historic day:

1. Alex and Frans Mendur, IPPHOS photographers, speaking with Soekarno. 

2. The original text.

3. Proclamation text typed by Sayuti Melik. 

4. Fatmawati, the first First Lady, sewing the flag. 

5. President Soekarno reading the proclamation. 

6. Prayers after declaring independence. 

7. The flag-raising. 

8. Important figures who attended the proclamation. 

9. The crowds celebrate!

10. Newspaper headlines. 

 Salam Merdeka!




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