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Endemic wildlife is all over the archipelago, but so much is at risk.

Retno Wulandari   15 August 2016 19:05 - Indonesia is a paradise for animal and nature lovers alike! With the tropical sun shining throughout the year, the archipelago nation is home to about 17 percent of all animal life and is one of the most biodiverse areas on earth, second only to the Amazon.

In addition to 259 endemic mammals, Indonesia also boasts 384 endemic birds and 173 endemic amphibians (IUCN, 2013). Many are completely unique to Zamrud Khatulistiwa – The Emerald of the Equator.

1) Halmahera Bird-of-paradise

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Known as the Bidadari Halmahera (the Angel of Halmahera) or internationally the Standardwing, this bird is endemic to North Maluku in eastern Indonesia. You can encounter the beautiful yet threatened birds in the islands of Morotai, Bacan and Halmahera.

2) Borneo Red Cat

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Also known as the Borneo Bay Cat, this feline is endemic to Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of Borneo island. These beautiful animals are twice the size of house cats and roam lowland tropical rainforests.

3) Spectral Tarsier

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Also known as pygmy tarsier, this tiny primate is endemic to the island of Sulawesi. Pygmy tarsiers grow only about 9-12 centimeters – slightly taller than a human thumb. The vulnerable primate can be found among the branches of trees in the tropical forests of Tangkoko National Park, a nature reserve in North Sulawesi.

4) Maleo Birds

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This large megapode is endemic to the island of Sulawesi. The endangered birds live in sandy environments, including beaches or volcanic soil, which they use to incubate their eggs.

5) Komodo Dragon

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The Komodo dragon or komodo monitor is a largest living lizard and is endemic to Komodo, Flores and surrounding island. This star animal of eastern Indonesia can grow to a maximum length of three meters, and attracts hundreds of tourists from around the world every year to see their beautiful natural habitat. Indonesia's oldest and best rugby team is named after these ferocious animals! 



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