Now a part of our daily lives, drones play an important part in the evolution of photography.

Celia Tholozan   27 June 2016 14:48 - Traditional photography evolves and nowadays more and more artists are using drones to explore new horizons and discover new angles and new ways of shooting. The popularity of drones keeps increasing and the machines are widely admitted by professionals of the industry for their technical prowess as well as the quality of the final results on the other hand (stability, angles, colours, etc.)

Drones have evolved significantly since their conception despite facing massive legal restrictions in the last few years due to potential accidents. Albeit rare, when the pilot can not control the device due to natural elements such as wind, it can become quite dangerous.

Drone-enthusiasts started a contest three years ago dedicated to the best pictures taken by drones. The “international Drone Photography Contest” is realised in collaboration with the famous magazine National Geographic and rewards the best pictures annually.

Anyone can participate, but it's a little too late this year since the contest it taking place from now until the 30th of June. But who knows, maybe your picture will be selected next year!! Here is a selection of 10 of the most impressive photos selected by this year’s jury.

1. Mangrove forest of Ko Lanta, Thailand

2. Biaowiea Primeval Forest, Poland

3. Nugget Point, New Zealand

4. Quintana Roo, Mexico

5. Zhanjiajie National Park, China

6. Sjöatorp, Sweden

7. Rangali island, Maldives

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9. Mount Merapi, Indonesia

10. Allegan, Michigan, USA


(Image source: Dronestagram)




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