These mesmerizing 3D tattoos look so alive!

Retno Wulandari   29 March 2016 17:15 - From limitless creativity emerge the most astonishing artworks. Tattoo art isn’t an exception. Even if you aren’t a fan of tattoos, these mesmerizing 3D tattoos look so alive and they might have you making an appointment:

1. This tattoo creates the illusion of a hole in the arm.

2. A “black and white photograph” on a man’s back.

3. A map emerged from cracking skin.

4. And this time... seagulls.

5. Is that a pen, or a “pen”?

6. Swirl on a leg.

7. Ewww... creepy!

8. A real artistic tattoo, but what it supposed to mean?

9. Hand of a cyborg.

10. It may look terrifying, but it’s truly a work of art.

11. Another hole in the arm.

12. Have no more words left to say...

13. A leg or a wooden carving?

14. What’s wrapped inside the lace? A mini sewing machine ?

15. A bear’s paw traced on dry soil.


Original article by Irwan Khoiruddin


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