The women are strangely comfortable being together and “sharing” their husband in peace.

Retno Wulandari   02 July 2016 11:26 - Having more than one spouse is a usual phenomenon in some countries, despite the controversy of polygamy (as well as polyandry). As a matter of fact, we have seen men with many wives, some married to more than ten women.

But still, a news about one man with 13 wives alone has managed to draw people’s attention. But that's not entirely out of the ordinary. What is beyond epic is, the man is married to 13 women and they are all having his babies at the same time!

Given that the news has actually gone viral, the man’s identity still remains a mystery. The story made headlines after a photo proudly displayed him in the middle of pregnant women has been doing rounds on social media.

As featured on, the man is allegedly from Nigeria, but it is highly doubtful. According to the post on social media, the man married the 13 women and all are friends with each other. The women are strangely comfortable being together and “sharing” their husband in peace. Well, it’s unthinkable that those women have never felt jealous of each other!

But the rumour that these ladies are pregnant at the same time is actually too good to be true, even though the stages of their pregnancy are different. While this news is actually jaw-dropping, it’s better to take it with a grain of salt.

The news, which refers only to one photo, is highly questionable due to the lack of original, trustworthy source provided for the photo. The second reason is the fact that Nigerian law does not support polygamy and it’s considered a crime in the country.

Well, this news might be more or less one of the crazy online pranks or shares that go viral for no reason, but we have seen men with multiple wives. The largest family ever recorded belongs to a man from Mizoram India, and he has 39 wives! His name is Ziona Chana, and from his 39 wives, he has 94 children and 33 grandchildren. Well, they have all the potentials to make the world’s biggest, most hilarious family vacation!



Original article by Agustin Wahyuningsih



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