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Real action is more powerful than just saying sorry.

  3 Mei 2024 13:25 - Apologizing is an important part of maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship. A truly caring partner will feel responsible for admitting mistakes and making a genuine effort to correct the situation.

This effort is not only through words, but also actions that show commitment and honesty. This sense of responsibility part is very important to learn.

A partner's attempt to apologize will begin with a sincere acknowledgment of the mistake that has been made. This action shows that he is able to admit imperfection and is willing to take responsibility for his actions. This recognition can be an important first step in restoring trust and strengthening the relationship again.

However, saying sorry sometimes cannot melt the heart of a partner who feels hurt. For this reason, some people choose to show their forgiveness with unusual actions. This is solely to prove his seriousness.

As can be seen from the upload of the TikTok account @babenxfh which shows a guy's sincerity in apologizing to his girlfriend. No half-hearted, this guy uses methods that are rarely used by most people in general.

The guy apologized by sending a flower board to his girlfriend, known as Mira. Apart from his anti-mainstream method , Mira's lover also sent a flower board at an unusual time, namely 01.30 in the morning.

guy apologizes TikTok/@@babenxfh

photo: TikTok/@babenxfh

"Which crazy person feels guilty and even apologizes through a flower board," wrote the video, quoted by , Friday (3/5).

The woman looked weak because she didn't expect her boyfriend to do something unusual because he felt guilty. Meanwhile, his friend who recorded the moment could only laugh at this strange act of apologizing.

guy apologizes TikTok/@@babenxfh

photo: TikTok/@babenxfh

Mira and her friends didn't expect to receive a surprise anti-mainstream apology in the middle of the night. With a confused and laughing response, Mira said that the flower board was very big.

guy apologizes TikTok/@@babenxfh

photo: TikTok/@babenxfh

"I keep laughing because I'm still shocked to see the flower board as big as Gaban," he said in the video.

Several people who sent the flower boards were seen placing and tidying them up to suit what the boy wanted. His friend also asked the courier how they responded to the process of making the flower board.

guy apologizes TikTok/@@babenxfh

photo: TikTok/@babenxfh

"Oh Allah lailahaillallah haha... I'm not laughing, I made this, bro," he said.

Instead of answering the question, the courier asked the reason why Mira and her lover fought and finally had to send an apology in the form of a flower board.

"Ohh... why are you fighting?" he said to Mira.

Mira's friends also felt that her boyfriend's actions showed his sincerity in apologizing and repairing their relationship.

"effort, the most effort, oh my God, it's half past one, wow," said his friend.

guy apologizes TikTok/@@babenxfh

photo: TikTok/@babenxfh

But it didn't stop there, her friend asked whether Mira had forgiven her lover after receiving this unusual apology .

"What's the answer, hahaha yes, sorry," said Mira while holding back laughter.

After carrying out the documentation, Mira decided to bring the flower board back. The reason was quite reasonable, because he didn't want the neighborhood to become excited because of his girlfriend's actions.

"After thinking about it, it's better to just take it back straight away, I'm afraid it will make a scene, whether I want it or not, the board will be transported after we finish the documentation," he wrote.

From the time the post was uploaded until this article was written, the video had 759.2 thousand views. Many people commented on the boy's action of apologizing for using the flower board.

"I'm sorry for Madam Mira's anger, (crying emoticon)," said the account @zeeaaayz.

"If I was given a flower board, it wouldn't be flowers blooming," said the account @pindha1520.

"It's so funny that the guy apologized until he sent a flower board," wrote the account @hharindhu.

"His brother is in shock, his friends are in shock, netizens are in shock shack in shock," said the account @farhanpratama_haan.


Do you guys have guys like this too?

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