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The taklim assembly room is connected to the swimming pool, providing a cool and calming atmosphere

  22 April 2024 12:20 - Pipik Dian Irawati or better known as Umi Pipik is now known as a preacher for the country . The mother of four children has actually been involved in the world of entertainment for a long time. In 1995 Umi Pipik became the cover girl model for Aneka Magazine for two years. At that time, he was still 18 years old.

After marrying Ustaz Jefri Al Buchori or familiarly called Uje, the woman born in 1977 decided to emigrate, both in terms of appearance and daily habits. This husband and wife couple often go out of their way to convey religious messages. Since Ustaz Uje left in 2013, she decided to replace her husband in preaching.

To support his activities in preaching, his house is currently equipped with a taklim assembly room. Unmitigated, this room can accommodate around 300 Umi Pipik worshipers. The room devoted to this assembly is decorated in such a way that it looks beautiful and comfortable.

What's the portrait like? Check out the summary from various sources, Monday (22/4). The house has American and Middle Eastern nuances, here are 9 photos of Umi Pipik's taklim assembly room for 300 people