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Netizens thought that this teenager would become a painter, but it turns out that he will become a doctor

  19 Mei 2024 09:00 - Basically, emotional support from teachers is very important for students' holistic development. Teachers who provide support help create a safe and positive learning environment. Students will feel appreciated and heard, this support can trigger student motivation to learn.

But it's different with this man. The story can be seen in the TikTok video posted by the account @dr.imampisces. In this post, a man shared his photo when he was still in high school.

This was accompanied by a caption which was his memory of the teacher's words. It turned out that when he was at school, his teacher had underestimated the man's abilities.

man silences teacher's conversation  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@dr.imampisces

While at school, he often got unsatisfactory grades. In fact, the teacher bluntly said that the score was in the bad category. What student wouldn't feel inferior if he was sneered at like that?

Apart from having bad grades, this sneering teacher was also unhappy with his habits in class. Because, this man does drawing activities too often. Maybe the teacher meant that the activity would not be able to improve his academic abilities.

Even though the video shows the results. He often draws anime characters. Apart from paper, the man also expressed his creativity on the walls several times.

Everything looks cool and like the work of a professional painter. However, this ability is still underestimated by teachers. Maybe because drawing is a non-academic activity.

Already despising grades, the teacher also devalues the talents of his students. Not only that, this man was said to have no future by his teacher.

" The high school teacher said: You are always drawing in class and your grades are always bad. You have no future! " said the teacher.

man silences teacher's conversation  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@dr.imampisces

As a student, being gloomy over those words is not an option. He had to stand up and prove that it was not like what his teacher said. In this video, he actually shows this evidence.

Because he likes drawing in class, people will think that he is a famous painter. But apparently not, his profession was actually unexpected by netizens. The man is now successful but has become a doctor.

Not a single netizen thought that he was a doctor. Apparently, the man also didn't understand why he couldn't become a painter. He conveyed this in the comments column

" Unexpectedly, I thought I would become a painter but turned out to be a doctor. Kereeennn ," wrote one netizen

" I also thought I would become a painter ," said the account owner.

This video also went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many are certainly shocked by the current conditions. The comments column has even become a place for netizens to vent.

" Why did I become a teacher? Because I know how it feels to be underestimated because we don't excel in MTK and talent in drawing. Now I really appreciate my students, each of whom has different talents ," wrote @sobatnyabocil.

" My daughter, who is still in elementary school, really likes drawing. She likes to win competitions. I support her hobby. I hope that in the future her dream of becoming a successful person will come true. Amen ," said the account @iyank1284.

" I'm often jealous of people who can paint. For me, they can express their emotions in a picture. I've tried it before, but it doesn't work ," said the account @umaaizah.

" Masya Allah, the ending is amazing plus you can design it. No one knows the future, let the memories be used as motivation. Cheer up brother ," said the account @yunita.

man silences teacher's conversation  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@dr.imampisces

From the video being posted until this article was written, the @dr.imampisces account has been viewed more than 273 thousand times. Apart from that, there were also 8,063 likes and 1,033 comments.

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