foto: TikTok/@berlianyuan_

You can see the father's sad eyes because his daughter left him.

  27 Maret 2024 03:25 - Some say a girl's first love is her father. This was proven by one TikTok user who captured the moment he was loved and loved by his own father. Through his upload, the owner of the TikTok account @berlianyuan_ shared his moment when he returned home and gathered with his parents.

Reported by on Tuesday (26/3), in the video, the owner of the account named Berlian shares the moment he had to return to his hometown to work. Like the relationship between children and parents in general, the moment when they want to return to their overseas land is also released by their father and mother.

It can be seen in the video uploaded by Berlian that he said goodbye to his father and mother at home while they were in the car. Her parents, who were wearing batik together, were seen waving as the car Berlian was traveling in slowly drove away. However, when the car drove away, the father suddenly ran towards the car he was in.

Definition of a girl's first love  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@berlianyuan_

Seeing the father suddenly running after the daughter's car, it appeared the mother was also trying to chase the father from a distance. Seeing his father, Berlian asked the driver to stop for a moment so he could say goodbye to his father again. He opened the car window and clearly recorded the look on his father's face smiling at him.

From the recording, you can see the father's sad eyes because his daughter was abandoned. It is known through his Instagram that Berlian is an online seller or affiliate of products for women from Purbalingga, specifically in Grantung Village, as seen in the banner in the video.

Definition of a girl's first love  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@berlianyuan_

This 46 second video has succeeded in making netizens jealous, because Berlian is considered lucky to have a father figure who loves her so much that he gets the moment he is chased by his father when he wants to go abroad.

The video uploaded by Berlian was watched 10.6 million times, liked 1.4 million times, and received 35.4 thousand comments. Many netizens were touched by the video and quite a few also talked about their moments with their father.

"I miss you, father... in the past, because I didn't have any money, I asked for a delivery person to pick me up from school so I wouldn't have to spend money on a bemo, but when I came home, I walked a long way, thinking I would miss it on the road. But when I got home, it turned out that my father wasn't there, he said my brother would pick me up, and it turned out that he was waited for me for 3 hours in front of the school because he thought I was still at school," said the account @callmekokom.

" I have complete parents but I never felt like a real father figure, " said the account @lelalist7.

" A daughter's love is her father ," wrote the account @anakbapakjack2.

"I really remember, when I had just registered for high school, I left one file at home. The school was about 30 minutes away from home. My father was willing to come back to get my file. I waited more than an hour. When I arrived at school, the registration time for that day was already over. "Really" I wanted to cry when I saw my father's expression when he took off his helmet, "tired" is what he described. "Always healthy, sir, gabole is sick ," commented the account @seuriya_.

"People are lucky to get their father's love :) ," responded the account @rvsyrfh.

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