Soon you'll know the story behind the striker's goal ritual.

  26 Januari 2017 16:42

Husnul Khotimah, an Indonesian primary school teacher in Bumiayu, Central Java, impressed Juventus striker Paulo Dybala with her Instagram post.

The Argentinian footballer reposted Husnul's#dybalamask picture on his official account,@paulodybala.

In the picture, she asked her students to participate to strike #dybalamask pose, Dybala'strademark goal celebration.

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via Instagram/@paulodybala

In his caption, he promised to reveal the reason he performsthe ritual everytime he scores a goal, but on one condition.

"This pic comes from Indonesia! Thank you! Post your picture in this pose and write #dybalamask : when I get 2000 pics of you I'll explain what does it mean on my facebook page!" wrote Dybala both in his Facebook and Instagram account, Wednesday.

So, Juventini, you know what to do now.



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