Didn't get an aesthetic video but received a lot of praise from netizens

  19 April 2024 08:45

Brilio.net - When we visit a nice place, of course we want to immortalize it in the form of photos or videos. Especially with the current development of social media platforms, people are increasingly fond of creating interesting and aesthetic content. As one TikTok user did, he captured the moment he was in a swimming pool with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Reported by brilio.net on Thursday (18/4) via the TikTok account @gungbar, instead of getting good results when taking the video, before he had finished taking a step towards the view, the owner of the account named Agung was actually shocked by an unexpected incident and made him an impromptu hero.

become an impromptu hero  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@gungbar

Seen in the video, Agung asked his wife to capture the moment he walked towards the swimming pool to swim in an aesthetic style. Wearing only light blue drawstring trousers, Agung stepped to the edge of the swimming pool. However, instead of immediately throwing himself in, he was shocked by a girl who drowned in front of him.

The video uploaded by Agung has a caption that makes netizens curious, why he suddenly helped a girl, even though he initially wanted to make an aesthetic video. Seen in the writing at the top of the video, "POV: Make Aesthetic Swimming Videos, Make Aesthetic Swimming Videos to Help People Drown"

At first Agung seemed unaware, but after a few seconds he immediately helped the girl because it turned out she was swimming in the pool for adults which was quite deep. It is known through video that this incident occurred at The Balcon Hotel Bukittinggi.

become an impromptu hero  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@gungbar

Working as a doctor and health consultant, the video uploaded by Agung has been watched 3.4 million times and received 1482 comments from netizens. Many praised his actions because they had helped the girl, quite a few were also annoyed with Agung's edit because it was made in slow motion.

"ehhh thank you broggg where are the parents, that's almost it lol, luckily there's a brother " said the account @kaayn._

"O Allah, thank God, thank you sis for helping my little sistera" wrote the account @_peanutt

"Sis, thank you very much I know what it's like to be in your sister's position I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a sister," commented the account @quinweddingdecor

"God's way of helping us is this randomness, okay? Thanks, bro. Will you take it again, bro?" said the account @moymoli

"Panic but slow down," responded the account @virginiyazzz

"Why is the music so slow? " said the account @istrijul

"Please while slow mo" said the account @approvedbyrara

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