Apart from having a kitchen in the basement, Tarra Budiman's room is simple without a luxurious walk-in closet

  26 Maret 2024 21:25

Brilio.net - Starting her career through the selection process for soap opera actors in 2006, Tarra Budiman's popularity has skyrocketed over time. Not only is he known as an actor, he has made a career in the entertainment world as a comedian, model and singer. Even now, he is entering the world of Japanese fashion and culinary business.

Through these various achievements, Tarra was able to build a minimalist residence which he lives in with his wife and two children. Interestingly, Raffi Ahmad's brother-in-law's house does not have a living room. As soon as you enter from the main door, you are immediately greeted by the dining table and family room.

Not only that, another room that also attracts attention is the appearance of the main bedroom . Unlike the magnificent residences of other celebrities, Tarra's room is not equipped with a walk-in closet. However, don't be mistaken, the rooms are quite beautiful and spacious, you know. In fact, it's quite cozy with shades of gray and white.

The following brilio.net summarizes from Olivia Jensen's YouTube on Tuesday (26/3), a portrait of Tarra Budiman's room.

1. Located on the second floor, this is what the main room in Tarra Budiman and Gya Sadiqah's house looks like.

Tarra Budiman's bedroom portrait  YouTube

2. There is no fancy walk-in closet at all, the Tarra and Gya bag collections are neatly arranged on a shelf in the shape of the letter L. The shelf is right behind the door.

Tarra Budiman's bedroom portrait  YouTube

3. Tarra's bed is deliberately designed to be quite large with a twin bed model. However, it doesn't leave behind a minimalist feel.

Tarra Budiman's bedroom portrait  YouTube

4. For entertainment in the room, Tarra added a very large LED TV. The shape is minimalist and thin to suit the room concept.

Tarra Budiman's room portrait  YouTube

5. Next to the TV, there is a dressing table with a standing mirror. On the shelf of her dressing table is a collection of her daughter's hair ties.

Tarra Budiman's room portrait  YouTube

6. Because there is no walk-in closet, Tarra Budiman puts her various clothing collections in a large cupboard.

Tarra Budiman's room portrait  YouTube

7. Tarra said that the space for storing her clothes is smaller than that of her wife. The cupboard holds various bomber jackets.

Tarra Budiman's room portrait  YouTube

8. This is Gya's cupboard which is opposite Tarra's cupboard. Of the various clothes Gya owns, she collects the most sleepwear.

Tarra Budiman's room portrait  YouTube

9. Gya and Tarra's room is equipped with a bathroom with white blackspash. The feel is made in the same type as the room. The walls are decorated with rectangular ceramic tiles.

Tarra Budiman's room portrait  YouTube

A glance at Tarra Budiman

Tarra Budiman is a talented artist who was born in Bali, on September 22 1986. Raffi Ahmad's sister-in-law is not only successful in the world of entertainment through acting, modeling, comedians and singing, she is also exploring the world of business. He has a fashion business with the brand "Shining Bright" and a Japanese culinary business called "Komorebi."

But who would have thought that this father of two children was not born into a rich family. His father worked as an online taxi driver. Even so, Tarra is not embarrassed. In fact, he was very proud of his father's work. His relationship with his father was very close.

Regarding her domestic life, Tarra is married and has two children. This adorable child was born to a beautiful woman named Gya Sadiqah. The woman who is familiarly called Gya is the older sister of Alshad Ahmad, who is none other than Raffi Ahmad's cousin. Unlike Tarra, his wife was born into a rich family. His father, Mansyur Ahmad, was a successful businessman.