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It's been a busy and productive week for the former anti-graft agency chief.

  2 Februari 2017 08:30

Former Corruption Eradication Commission Chief Antasari Azhar visited the National Police Headquarter yesterday.

He was accompanied by his lawyer Boyamin Saiman and Andi Syamsudin, brother of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, Putra Rajawali Banjaran former president.

Nasrudin was killed in 2004 and Antasari was sent to jail for the murder, though he maintains his innocence until now.

Antasari recently received a clemency from President Joko Widodo.

"Today would be really simple to ask for a follow-up of cases we reported in 2011," said Boyamin

In 2011, Antasari and his legal team reported their suspicion of someone 'cloning' his phone or phone number and sent a fake threatening text message from his number to Nasrudin. When Nasrudin was found dead not long after, police took the text as evidence against Antasari. Antasari claimed that he did not sent such message and had nothing to do with the murder.

In his 2011 report, Antasari included a testimony from IT expert Agung Harsoyo saying that the text was manipulated so it looked like it was sent from Antasari's phone. The text message, according to Agung, was sent over another network using personal technology devices.

Agung's testimony was alsopresented during Antasari's murder trial, but it did not change the result.

Antasari also filed another report back in 2011 against a witness in his trial. This witness claimed that he read the text message, but Antasari said that it was all untrue.

Antasari, lawyer Boyamin, and Andi spent only 30 minutes with the Police's Cyber Crime Division yesterday.

"After I met them, (I was told that) the case is still stuck. There has been no action taken," he said after the meeting. "But they promised to resolve the case immediately. I hope they keep their promise."


It wasn't Antasari's first public appearance since he was released on parole on Nov. 10, 2016.

He previously met President Jokowi at the State Palace to discuss the irregularities of his case on Jan. 26. Not long after,National Police Spokesperson Brid. Gen. Rikwanto confirmedAntasari's plan to reopen the case.

Antasariwas also spotted at the second Jakarta gubernatorial debate at Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta on Jan. 27. He sat in the VIP section of Ahok-Djarot's supporter group.

Antasari said that he only wanted to observe the debate, saying the debate's main theme about bureaucratic reform and public service was his interest. He refused to revealwhich candidate he supports.

Last week, Antasari also pledged to help KPK to unravel the three unsolved big cases the Century Bank case, Bank Indonesia liquidity support (BLBI) and Identity Character Recognition procurement at General Election Commission (KPU).



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