foto: TikTok/@gurlssss11

Many people think that asking for marriage via Instastory is not the correct way of taaruf according to Islamic rules.

  11 Juni 2024 17:20 - There are various ways to find a soul mate in the modern era like today. Not a few people use social media to express their feelings and good intentions towards marriage. But if the intention to establish a relationship is ultimately done through a reply to an Instagram story, it will definitely make the recipient extremely surprised.

This sudden invitation to taaruf was experienced by a woman named Hana via her TikTok account @gurlssss11. When he made an Instastory, he was surprised to find a reply from an unknown man who invited him to have a relationship through taaruf . Even though they don't know each other, it turns out they already follow each other.

This man's action using an Islamic concept reaps pros and cons  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@gurlssss11

Without further ado, the man immediately invited him to take a serious step forward. Initially thought to be a joke, this moment became tense when the man stated his seriousness several times.

" Taaruf yuk hann, " the man replied to Hana's Instagram Story.

It is known from Hana's upload that the man explained that he was really serious about asking Hana to marry him in a taaruf manner. This made Hana wonder why the man dared to decide to ask for something serious like this.

" I have prepared a lot of things for the future, God willing, we won't have any more headaches, God willing, " added the man.

This man's action using an Islamic concept reaps pros and cons  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@gurlssss11

The man also explained that he had asked God for a soul mate and that he was always leaning towards Hana. Apart from that, he also said that when he saw Hana his heart felt cool. He also felt simplicity in Hana and a motherly figure who loved her family. This strengthened his determination to take Hana seriously about marriage.

" And if you are willing, I promise and seriously invite you to walk together to Allah's heaven. We will be friends for life, worship together, build a family and parents that we will definitely never forget, " he said.

Responding to this expression, Hana was confused about what to reply. Even when the man asked again for the answer, Hana still didn't respond. Until finally the man offered Hana to marry him this year. However, the man's action actually drew pros and cons from netizens who saw it. The reason is that the man implemented the concept of taaruf which was considered not in accordance with his rules, so many people commented on this action.

This man's action using an Islamic concept reaps pros and cons  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@gurlssss11

It is known from other uploads that it turns out that Hana has a reason why she cannot provide an answer even though she has been given time. Hana experienced a bit of trauma because she failed to get married even though she had already had the opportunity to do an application session. So this made her more selective, it was not explained whether Hana understood the concept of taaruf or not, but many asked her to do istikharah too.

" Gess, this is a continuation of PART AND PART!! Whatever the result, I hope it's the best. Because honestly, I still feel traumatized and so I can't tell the difference between a guy who's really serious and a guy who's just having fun, " he wrote in the caption of another upload.

Viewed 2.7 million times and receiving 1537 comments when this article was written, this man's action was in the spotlight and gave rise to the pros and cons regarding the concept of taaruf that he used to try to get serious with Hana.

" That's not the way to ask for taaruf... the correct way is to exchange your CV and biodata first, " said the account @subuh_pagi.

" If you know it, you should introduce the family, who will ask questions about each other as well as the family, " said the account @t.guard.

" Be careful, I hope you can differentiate goals and targets, " wrote the account @masp666.

" Exactly the same as me, sis... I was the one who chased girls in junior high school 8 times, they were all rejected, thank God on the 9th I immediately accepted without getting bored, the ta'aruf was suitable, continued the proposal, + contract, " commented the account @mazham299.

" When a guy is at the age of panic, he usually looks for anyone who wants him, so if his older brother refuses, then he will chat with other people using the same chat... so be careful and look for a life partner, " responded the account @bulanmalambukanparty.