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PT Mitra Adiperkasa, Tbk (MAP) as NEW ERA distributor also celebrated the birth of Fitted Cap 59FIFTY which is 70 years old.

  15 Mei 2024 19:05 - For street fashion lovers, hats are usually one of the accessories to complete their appearance. One of the hats that is popular is the New Era brand. This brand is known as a pioneer in the headwear industry, and is even synonymous with street lifestyle and sportsmen.

One of the most popular collections to date is Fitted 59FIFTY. This collection is 7 decades old, you know, 9 May 2024 was its 70th birthday. PT Mitra Adiperkasa, Tbk (MAP) as the NEW ERA distributor also celebrated the birth of the Fitted Cap 59FIFTY.

For this reason, New Era launched an event entitled '59FIFTY 70th Anniversary' for the first time in Indonesia. This event also presents a series of iconic 59FIFTY hats.

That way, at this special moment, headwear lovers from NEW ERA can enjoy various interesting activities, such as musical performances, workshops, reshape your cap, and live screen painting.

Martina Harianda Mutis as General Manager of Brand Marketing Sports MAP Active, said that this celebration was a tribute to street fashion lovers who make baseball caps a symbol of urban lifestyle. Apart from that, the party also wants to appreciate the classic 59FIFTY collection by designating May 9 as the annual 59FIFTY DAY event which is filled with various activities.

New Era collection anniversary  2024

photo: doc. New Era

"In Indonesia, the kick-off event will start in Jakarta and then continue to four other big cities, namely; Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali. This event also aims to reinforce NEW ERA's typical urban lifestyle to the public and provide a platform for the 59FIFTY fan community," he said, quoted by from a press release, Wednesday (15/5).

At this event, there was a NEW ERA Experience Store with musical performances from Indonesian rapper legend, Iwa K and also various activities such as live screen painting.

I am very happy to be part of and celebrate 59FIFTY DAY. For me, the fitted cap from NEW ERA has become a truly timeless addition to street style! "Moreover, this classic 59FIFTY collection is one of my favorites," said the rapper who is also a stamp collector.

One of the Experience Stores offered by NEW ERA is the reshape your cap service, which is an extra service for hat collectors to be able to repair the appearance of old hats that look worn out to return to hats that look aesthetic.

New Era collection anniversary  2024

photo: doc. New Era

Since designing and manufacturing its first baseball cap for the Cleveland Indians in 1934, NEW ERA has earned recognition among professional players for its exceptional quality, paving the way to becoming the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of headwear for Major League Baseball.

All details are expertly crafted with a complex 22-step procedure involving sewing and embroidery techniques, resulting in perfect headwear that is long-lasting. The installed 59FIFTY adopts a closed-back design, without an adjustment mechanism, the cover is offered in various sizes so that wearers can choose according to their own size.

A wide range of options ensures comfort and an exceptional and personalized wearing experience for each wearer. Retro Brooklyn style flat visor equipped with stickers and accessories that became popular in the 90s with the rise of hip-hop and rap culture, 59FIFTY quickly took over the fashion world as an unstoppable force, opening the door for NEW ERA to enter American street fashion and become respected headwear brand.

NEW ERA Exclusive Collection offers headwear from 59FIFTY, including black 59FIFTY made from Japanese wool with three headwear styles that are characterized by high crown, structured and upright brim shape. This collection is perfect for casual moments or sporting events. As for metal badges, there are 14 different designs, mainly featuring the 59FIFTY size and the special NEW ERA logo.

On the other hand, the NEW ERA Styles Collection 59FIFTY is divided into the MLB, NBA, NFL and NEW ERA Branded collections. The MLB, NBA and NFL collections each offer two types of 59FIFTY hats; with an embroidered team logo on a white background and a black visor. There is also a collectible 70th anniversary special edition pin and three metal badges with chic and unisex designs.

The NEW ERA Branded collection features the 59FIFTY silhouette with gold thread engraving on the front, with a black or white cap color. There is also a NEW ERA Branded logo embroidered with white thread, on black, green, burgundy and blue hat options. In addition, the 59FIFTY Fitted A-Frame collection is embroidered with the NEW ERA Branded logo on the front.

"We hope that the Roadshow Event held in 5 cities will provide a rare opportunity for fans and collectors to discover and try various choices of the latest headwear and apparel from NEW ERA, including the iconic 59FIFTY," concluded Martina.

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