Not only does she have a sharp mind, Najwa Shihab is skilled at crafting diction into messages that inspire passion for life

  2 April 2024 17:45 - If you were asked to name one inspirational figure among women, of course the figure of Najwa Shihab would come to mind. He is an accomplished journalist who is critical and has sharp analysis. Therefore, many people are amazed by his skills every time he interviews a number of big figures in the country.

Apart from that, Najwa Shihab is also an inspiration for women. In the midst of the old-fashioned patriarchal system, he was able to prove that a woman also has the same rights as a man. So don't be surprised if the son of Quraish Shihab is often used as an inspirational figure for many people.

One of the most interesting things about Najwa Shihab is that she can deftly arrange diction after diction which has a deep message about an issue or event. The words or quotes that come out of his mouth are able to ignite the enthusiasm of all people to become even brighter. Not infrequently, Najwa Shihabini's motivational sentences are able to ignite the enthusiasm for life that is starting to fade.

If you need motivation in life to be more enthusiastic and motivated , check out this article about 55 Najwa Shihab quotes full of inspiration, as reported by from various sources, Tuesday (2/4).

Najwa Shihab's quotes are full of inspiration, auto enthusiasm 45!

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Najwa Shihab Quotes

1. "Addressing problems calmly and with a cool head is better than panicking and acting rashly."

2. "Don't judge people from the outside, because in fact it is their hearts and actions that describe who they really are."

3. "Sometimes we have to dare to let go of something, so we can get something better."

4. "Dreams are our map in finding the path to happiness."

5. "Life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, but we have to stick to a firm grip."

6. "Life is about how we manage our emotions and face all challenges wisely."

7. "Love is not just a collection of sweet words, but also real actions that make a difference."

8. "Life is about how we are able to live every second with gratitude and happiness."

9. "Loving yourself is the key to being able to love others sincerely."

10. "Never give up when facing problems, because that is where we find true strength within ourselves."

Najwa Shihab's quotes are full of inspiration, suitable to hold on to your heart

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Najwa Shihab Quotes

11. "Women must be brave to take big steps in their lives."

12. "The true beauty of a woman is not only seen from the outside, but also from a good heart."

13. "Love never forces itself, but rather provides space for growth and development."

14. "True love is when we are able to fight together through all the obstacles that exist."

15. "Life is the greatest gift, so don't waste your time on meaningless things."

16. "Realizing our existence is the greatest gift in your life."

17. "Success is not due to mere luck, but the result of hard work and perseverance."

18. "You only live once, don't waste it on meaningless things."

19. "If we could make this pain go away, for another, give him that."

Najwa Shihab's quotes are full of inspiration, making you more confident

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Quotes by Najwa Shihab

20. "Keeping the heart and mind positive, that is the main key to face all trials."

21. "Never be afraid to dream big, because big dreams can change the world."

22. "Dreams are keys, if you dream, then you dare to open every locked door."

23. "True love is when we are willing to give up for the happiness of the person we love."

24. "Never underestimate the power of prayer, because by praying, miracles can happen."

25. "When sick, then pray, because that is the best way to always be close to God."

26. "Dreams are the spice of life, without them life becomes bland."

27. "Life is about how we learn to accept reality and always remain grateful."

28. "Sincere love is the power that can change everything."

29. "Dreams are the most powerful weapon to face challenges in life."

Najwa Shihab's quotes are full of inspiration, full of deep meaning

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Quotes by Najwa Shihab

30. "Don't let yourself get stuck in a normal routine, dare to dream and make it come true."

31. "Dreams are the language of love that can touch hearts and change the world."

32. "Nothing can stop a woman who wants to achieve her dreams."

33. "Dreams are the fuel that will fuel passion and motivation in life."

34. "Never stop your steps to dream, because that is where the beginning of a change begins."

35. "When we feel tired, it is a sign that we need to rest, not to give up."

36. "When we are dreaming, we are building our own world."

37. "Every woman has great potential to influence the world with her goodness."

38. "Every dream must have its own beauty and meaning, never underestimate the power of a dream."

39. "Be a woman who can be proud of all your advantages and virtues."

Najwa Shihab's quotes are full of inspiration, awaken faded hopes

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Najwa Shihab Quotes

40. "Dreams are the first step towards greater achievements."

41. "Sincerity and sincerity in doing good is the best investment for life in this world and the hereafter."

42. "Uncertainty is part of the value of life, so make peace with it."

43. "Women are figures who can give unlimited love and affection."

45. "Humility is the sign of true greatness."

46. "Life is not just about winning or losing, but about how we learn from every experience."

47. "Be grateful for what we have, it will bring peace and happiness in life."

48. "Failure is the most valuable lesson, don't let it discourage you."

49. "When speaking, think more than twice. It's better than regretting what you said."

50. "Sincerity is the key to trust and happiness in any relationship."

51. "Love is the most beautiful struggle, because no one can get love without struggle."

52. "Don't be afraid to be different, because my uniqueness is my advantage."

53. "Love is not blind, but it is able to see goodness in the midst of shortcomings."

54. "Believe that your life is a gift, then live it with gratitude."

55. "Love is not just about having someone, but about making them feel happy."

Those are 55 Najwa Shihab quotes full of inspiration, making your enthusiasm even brighter. The hope is that after you read this collection of quotes, you can achieve your dreams much higher. Prove to the world that you are able to achieve all the goals you want. Hopefully this information is useful, OK!

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