Guaranteed not to be teased.

  26 Maret 2024 08:00 - Who has feelings, is in love, but doesn't dare to express his feelings because he's embarrassed to be found out? So, don't worry, guys, you don't need to be afraid anymore if you want to code, bro or sis crush. It's easy, you just send a message via the social media account @menfess. Menfess is a new netizen term that is currently booming, as the name suggests, menfess is taken from the words men, aka mention, and fess, aka confess or declare something. This is really suitable for those of you who want to express your feelings, longing, and heart messages to your loved ones.

Apart from being romantic, confessing words for a crush are also often filled with funny words , so it makes the potential crush not feel aloof. Apart from that, the advantage is that if you express your feelings through a Menfess account, your personal data will be hidden, aka anonymous. So no matter what the content of the message is, your identity is still safe.

You won't be teased by your friends for expressing feelings like those from school days. So, if you want to express your feelings for your crush, but are still confused about what good words to use? Don't worry, you can copy the menfess words for your crush in this article, guaranteed that your potential crush will immediately get excited.

No need to wait any longer, please read this article until the end. Here are 50 confessing words for a crush, so romantic they will make your potential crush feel emotional. As reported by from various sources, Monday (25/3).

The 50 confessing words for a crush are as follows: Menfess words for crushes, reading them automatically makes you salty.

Menfess words for crush  2024


1. "What if we both became a criminal group, I stole your heart, and you stole mine?"

2. "You know what snack I like the most? Having you all the way."

3. "If you stood in front of a mirror with eleven roses, you would see twelve of the most beautiful flowers that ever existed."

4. "You are brighter than the moon on the brightest night, and you are brighter than the sun on a cloudless day."

5. "Am I fat now? Do you know the reason? Because you have grown a strong feeling of love in my heart."

6. "I hope you won't leave again, right? Because it feels like being apart from you for a second is like 1000 years."

7. "He said that rain often washes one away, but now I am swept away in your love."

8. "Is your mother a Gado-Gado seller? How do you know? Because you seem to have stirred up my feelings."

9. "How many times do you allow me to miss you every day, bro? I'm worried about overdosing."

10. "Birthday is a beautiful day. But it would be more beautiful if it had been with you many times."

Menfess words for a crush, is it really allowed to be this so-sweet?

Menfess words for crush  2024


11. "Do you know why I prefer apples to grapes? Because of what? Because I'd rather kiss you than bother you."

12. "Don't be surprised if one day you wake up and see a mountain in front of your house. Because that is definitely the mountain I miss."

13. "How come you keep wandering around at night? The proof is that I see you in my dreams every night."

14. "Don't smile so sweetly, I'll get diabetes."

15. "Saturday, Sunday, that's called the weekend. If it's me and you, it will never end."

16. "I could be your friend, that's what I want, but if I could be your boyfriend, that's something I dream of."

17. "You've been my dream for so long, what if you came true just once."

18. "Thinking about you has become a habit, dreaming about you is an addiction, but loving you is an unavoidable consequence."

19. "I want to be someone who can put a smile on your lips every day."

Menfess words for your crush, express your feelings without needing to know.

Menfess words for crush  2024


20. Menfess to @calongebetan, if you eat together in the canteen tomorrow, would you like it or not?

21. To @calongebetan, can you pass in front of me, don't make my body spin, you smell really good

22. Menfess to @calongebetan, when you're presenting in front of the class, you look really funny

23. To @calongebetan, even though I only met you once in class, I've been thinking about your face for a week

24. Menfess to @calongebetan, it's okay for you to be that attractive, it's annoying to have so many competitors

25. To @calongebetan, don't look too excited in front of me, otherwise I'll be embarrassed by my other friends

26. To: you who gave me tissue on the field
From: I want to say thank you but I'm embarrassed
Hopefully we can meet again, another time

27. For: you who wear a plaid shirt
Dari: I'm short and petite
If I stand in front I look down, I can't be seen

28. For: pious women
From: ordinary student
You are my dream mate

29. To: former faculty next door
From: senior semester students
Hopefully when we graduate, we can be together again

Menfess words for a crush, full of romance, funny, and make you shake your head.

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30. To: bro, girlfriend
From: me
What's wrong with you when you're chatting with your friends really close, I'm jealous

31. To: older sister
From: junior high
When you pass in front of the class, your aura is so positive, it keeps me curious

32. Menfess to @calongebetan, because we had a collision in the library, why do I keep thinking about you?

33. Menfess to @calongebetan, at first I didn't really pay attention to you, but after a while you're beautiful too, huh?

34. To @calongebetan, tomorrow, if you laugh, don't be too cute, I'll melt

35. To: Acquaintance in the association
Message: Can you meet me tomorrow, sir, if you ask me to shake hands, let me know your name

36. To @calongebetan, If you accidentally do it once or twice it's okay, but if you do it many times it's a match

37. To: Young lecturer
Message: Sir, if you teach me one by one tomorrow, I will be closer to you

38. To: Mas is wearing a yellow jacket
Message: Take the train together tomorrow, you're humorous

39. To: Miss blue veil
Message: Tomorrow, if we meet again, I'll ask for his Instagram contact, okay?

Menfess words for your crush, make you stay cool even though your heart is already in turmoil

Menfess words for crush  2024


40. To: mba crush
Message: what's serious is not missing you, but two gray ticks that never turn blue, even though the status was 2 minutes ago.

41. To: apprentice
Message: later if you do the right task, if you don't do it right, I'll be angry with you

42. To: red helmet mas
Message: the motorbike is really cool, the person who owns it must be really handsome

43. To: potential crush
Message: If you want to approach me, give me a signal first, I'm surprised you're immediately aggressive like this

44. To @calongebetan, I'm sorry I didn't have time to say sorry when I accidentally bumped into you at class gathering

45. To: black jacket bro
Message: Thank you, bro, for giving me two thousand for parking, I'll change it tomorrow if I find it

46. To: Classmates
Message: slow down, bro, when you're chatting, I can hear you talking about me ahaha

47. Menfess to @calongebetan, even though your face looks rich before sunset, my love for you is like iftar compote, really sweet

48. To @calongebetan, don't be in the habit of misbehaving like that, please, let's just keep our relationship private

49. To: brown jacket bro
Message: Thank you bro for reminding me that I missed my book, sorry I forgot to ask for your name.

50. To: Mba pashmina hijab
Message: take it slow if you walk, luckily when I was about to fall I caught it first

Those are 50 confessing words for a crush, so romantic they will make your potential crush feel emotional. The hope is that after you read this collection of confessing words for your crush or potential crush, you will be braver in PDKT or at least express your deepest feelings. Hopefully this information is useful!

Intern: Zidan Fajri