Apart from knowledge, you will also gain new friends and experiences.

  16 Maret 2024 07:00 - Schools do not only provide learning in the classroom. There are various interesting things that you can participate in outside of class hours. There are various school organizations or other extracurricular activities that have a multitude of benefits for you. If you have a passion or high interest in a field, you can look for a school organization that can support and deepen your passion.

Apart from being able to increase your knowledge outside of school lessons, organizations or extracurricular activities can also give you additional value in your report card too, you know. You will also make lots of new friends which will definitely add to the excitement at school.

School organizations are a place to upgrade yourself that you need to try. If you are currently still confused and unsure about choosing the most ideal organization, you can look at the various criteria for school organizations below. There are various organizations with interesting and fun fields. You can also join more than one school organization to gain more knowledge for the future. However, what you need to pay attention to first is your ability to manage time, so that your study and organizational time is not disturbed.

Here are 10 examples of school organizations that are very useful, suitable for upgrading yourself and your skills. As reported by from various sources, Friday (15/3).

Examples of very useful school organizations, good for sharpening yourself and your skills. 1. Student Council.

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Intra-School Organizations (OSIS) are an example of a school organization that is highly recommended if you want to hone yourself and your skills. OSIS is a learning forum for students to further develop abilities in various fields, for example leadership skills, working with teams, sensitivity and concern for those around them.

If you are someone who likes things related to tips on becoming a good leader and team mover, OSIS is an ideal place to develop. Apart from that, you will get to know more about the ins and outs of life in a school environment, from the level of peers, teachers, school officials, and even assisted employees. In the OSIS you will also get training on how to lead a group, as well as how to coordinate various affairs related to large groups of people.

As a member of the OSIS who is tasked with enforcing discipline and school rules, you need to organize yourself first. So that you can be an example for your friends around you.


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Another very useful example of a school organization is SCOUT. Praja Muda Karana aka PRAMUKA is the best field to galvanize yourself to survive more in facing various obstacles in life. If you are someone who likes things related to leadership, creativity, resilience, discipline, then it is highly recommended that you join the SCOUT organization.

Apart from that, SCOUTS will teach you various important values for future preparation, such as camping in nature, reading navigation directions, reliable ropes, as well as other lessons that you won't get from a regular classroom. You will be required to be more courageous in expressing your abilities above the average of your peers. A Praja Muda Karana is a person who is cheerful, creative, reliable and agile in any situation.

3. PMR.

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The Youth Red Cross or commonly abbreviated as PMR is a derivative of the national government organization tasked with responding to health emergencies, namely the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). If you are someone who has a passion for health or caring for the environment, then PMR is the ideal place for you to develop further. The PMR organization will provide you with various training on first aid for accidents (P3K) which is really needed in critical conditions.

Apart from that, you will also be equipped with the knowledge of dealing with and anticipating natural disasters. With various knowledge about health and social awareness, you will grow into someone who is aware of things that threaten the health of yourself and those around you. Be someone who is alert in helping people around you who need first aid assistance in times of urgency.


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ROHIS or Islamic spiritual organization is a place to help students deepen their knowledge of the Islamic religion and also increase monotheism. If you are a religious person and want to explore religious knowledge at school, then ROHIS is the right choice. In ROHIS you will be taught how to read the Al-Qur'an with correct tajwid knowledge, you will also be taught about prayers or other practices.

Apart from that, ROHIS also often appears in various activities as a member of the Islamic music art commonly known as Hadroh. Usually, ROHIS will actively move during Islamic events such as the Prophet's birthday, the Isra' Mi'raj celebration, and also prepare various agendas for the holy month of Ramadhan.


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If you are a Christian student, then ROHKRIS is the most ideal choice. ROHKRIS or Rohani Kristen is a Christian religious organization in schools. Like the ROHIS organization, ROHKRIS is also a forum for Christian students to study religious knowledge.

Some of the activities that you can take part in in this organization include prayer meetings, retreats, and also social service. ROHKRIS will also work hard in preparing various religious agendas such as Christmas, Easter, and so on.

6. English club.

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An example of a school organization that is very useful for developing your language skills is the English club organization, or what could be known as an English language club. If you are someone who likes to deepen your knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. Then the English club is the best choice for you. In it, this organization will learn things related to the ins and outs of English, such as studying grammar, pronunciation, as well as practicing public speaking using English.

To deepen it all, the English club uses various interesting and fun methods such as watching English films, singing famous songs, and also practicing debate.

7. Science club.

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Science club or commonly known as science club is a place for students to study science, such as mathematics, physics, biology and many more. There are so many competitions between schools at various vocational levels that are contested in the branch of science. This makes science students the school's top students who become the idols of students and teachers.

In carrying out their activities, members of science organizations often hold various science practicums or experiments, apart from that there are also interesting and attractive science exhibitions. If you like things related to the world of science, then Science club is the best place for you.

8. Debate club.

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An example of a school organization that is very useful in deepening speaking skills in front of many people is the Debate club organization or debate group. In this organization, members will be given knowledge and training in developing critical thinking skills and defending their arguments when arguing with the other person.

Agility of the mind as well as brain and verbal synchronization are the main keys to winning a debate competition. Some of their activities that are useful in honing their debating knowledge apart from debating practice are also taking part in debate event competitions in various schools.

9. Art club.

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If you are someone who likes things related to art, then Art Club is the best organization to hone your art skills. The art club, which is an arts science organization, will study various things in the field of arts, such as painting, drawing, playing music, or other arts.

Art clubs are the best place to hone students' artistic souls. Some of the results from this organization can be competed in various arts competitions at the inter-school level. Later you will be trained in depth with selected mentors in the field of art that you are involved in.

10. Math club.

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The last example of a school organization is the Math club. Math club is an organization with a group of students who enjoy studying mathematics. In it, members of the organization will be very sharp in the field of Mathematics.

If you are someone who really likes things related to calculations, statistics, accounting and other branches of mathematics. You can also act as a school representative in participating in various Mathematics competitions at student level.

Those are 10 examples of school organizations that are very useful, suitable for upgrading yourself and your skills. The hope is that you can choose the most ideal organization in your opinion based on your interests, talents and passion. This is useful so that your abilities and skills will increase. Hopefully this information is useful!

Intern: Zidan Fajri