Oh, you haven't seen it? Prepare to be angry.

Tunggul Kumoro   14 October 2016 17:37

An oldie but a goodie, as far as the internet is concerned. This clip is trending once again.

A woman caught on camera at a jewelry shop in Handan, northeast China, yelling at a store employee and throwing a handful of cash at the sales girl's face.

You can see the shock on the girl's face and the woman's friend, who tries to calm her down. 

The incident occured after the sales girl told the customer she could only take out one piece of jewelry to look at at a time, in accordance with the store's policy to minimize the risk of theft.

The woman is heard shouting: "You think I can't afford it? What kind of shop is this?"

Some say that the video was a stunt to promote the shop. But, it's the internet, so someone always says that! 




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