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Step aside, Ayu Ting-Ting.

Septika Shidqiyyah   31 July 2017 17:55

Soon, we will not be the only ones to shake bodies and swing hips to dangdut music, the people in United States and rest of the planet will do so as well.

Since the past few years, dangdut has been endemic in US as the genre got its own fanatic fans there. An annual talent show 'Dangdut in America' held since 2007 and 'Indonesian-American Dangdut Festival' in Willmington, Dellaware last year said it all.

American Dangdut singer Danielle Desiree seems hasn't got enough just by covering other artists' song and preferred to have her own.

Desiree's song "Kinyis-kinyis" (fresh or juicy), written by Sandy Sulung and released under NSR entertainment, has been viral lately and winning the hearts of dangdut fans in Indonesia.

The song itself tells a love story between a woman and someone younger. There is also a rap part in the song, making it delivers the finest culture mix from Indonesian and American's music.

"Great song & the video was hot!! Love the American/Indonesian collaboration — these are two very talented artists!" wrote Taunya Batista.

"Satisfying.. It's actually difficult for non Indonesia to sing Indonesian song.. Moreover Dangdut. Good luck," said abunk putra.



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