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You’ll need more than one day to finish swimming in the pool!

Victoria Tunggono   25 June 2016 11:49

Brilio.net - Following Chile with their largest swimming pool in the world, Indonesia built a massive swimming pool in Lagoi, Bintan Island, in the province of Riau islands, Sumatra. Although it is still not as big as The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar Resorts, the swimming pool is already the biggest in Southeast Asia.

Treasure Bay is built on a 6.3 hectares of land with a concept of beach--a bit smaller than the San Alfonso del Mar, which is 8 hectares. The edges of the pool are sloping and are covered with white fibers that make it look like sand. Where water doesn’t reach the edge of the pool, there is actually real sand. The pool is surrounded for easy access to pedestrians and vehicles, and a beautiful garden to please the eyes. The vehicles provided are scooters, segways, and Ford cars that are all electrical powered.

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There are also vehicles on water, one of which is a solar-powered boat for 15 passengers that will help guests transport within the pool. Another ride is the Cable Ski, a similar to water ski pulled with cable instead of speed boat. The rider has to hold the cable that is controlled remotely by the instructor. It gives the similar sensation with waterskiing on the seas with big waves.

You don’t have to worry about the safety because the pool lifeguards are always on standby in Treasure Bay to ensure the safety within the complex. Still, you must obey all the rules applied for your own safety, for example when you ride scooter you must wear the helmet.

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The Bintan Resorts area is both luxurious and close to nature, with a forest around the pool area. If you want to explore the forest, there is the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) that you can rent between IDR 40,000 (USD 3.00) and IDR 300,000 (USD 22.6). And if you want to have a go at some relaxed camping, you can stay at The Canopi Hotel, with the real tents in the area and a beach-like view, complete with beach loungers, coconut trees and beach sands. If you are staying for a night, you can get a complimentary trip of all the rides in Treasure Bay for free.

They have Bora-bora restaurant between the hotel and the pool, that serves both western and Indonesian food with affordable prices. The entrance ticket to Treasure Bay is IDR 40,000 (USD 3.00) per person, with the same price for adults and children. The ticket includes the elastic wristlet that serves as a badge in the area. Unless you are staying at The Canopi, there are additional fees for the rides. For more information, you can check their website here or check The Canopi Hotel.

For a glimpse of the pool, you can watch the video below:


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