There's more to Indonesia than Bali.

Andi Rosita Dewi   28 September 2016 14:16 - Traveling to Indonesia? Bali is probably the first destination that comes to mind. But, let's be real, there is more to this archipelago than the Island of the Gods — if only you'd look a little farther.

Here, we bring your focus to East Kalimantan, a region that is just as rich with beaches, caves, mysterious jungles, and unique cultural destinations that'll make for a trip of a lifetime. Check out our list!

1. Lake Labuan Cermin, Biduk Biduk.

Image via Instagram/@paramiswari


2. Beras Basah Island, Bontang.

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3. Maratua Island.

Image via Instagram/@ulainda


4. Soeharto Hill.

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5. Biduk Biduk, Berau.

Image via Instagram/@dodykusuma


6. Mancong, Kutai Barat.

Image via Instagram/@jevonsamuel


7. Batu Dinding, Samboja, Kutai Kartanegara.

Image via Instagram/@michellamw


8. Kumala Tenggarong Island, Kutai Kartanegara.

Image via


9. Lake Dragon.

Image via Instagram/@syahiddhan


10. Small Kaniungan, Berau.

Image via Instagram/@dvmoo


11. Karst Sangkulirang, East Kutai.

Image via Instagram/@exotickaltim


12. Gua Tawet (Tawet Cave), East Kutai.

Image via


13. Tanah Merah Beach, Samboja.

Image via Instagram/@will_p.t


14. Masjid Islamic Center, Samarinda.

Image via Instagram/@will_p.t


15. Sangakali Island, Derawan Islands.

Image via Instagram/@ryaarifin


16. Goa Lojang (Lojang Cave), Paser.

Image via Instagram/@matthewludji


17. Desa Tajur (Tajur Village).

Image via Instagram/@saparidarahmi


18. ITCI waterfall, Panajam, Paser.

Image via Instagram/@adith.r.e


19. Karang Mumus river.

Image via Instagram/@rendyajalah02


20. Gua Batu Gelap (Batu Gelap Cave), Kutai Kartanegara.

Image via Instagram/@ammatvz


21. Pasir Putih Island, Derawan Islands.

Image via Instagram/@oekirkata


22. Lake Biru, Samarinda.

Image via Instagram/@daiyalubis


23. Lake Kakaban, Berau.

Image via Instagram/@juliariswan


24. Ataai Waterfall, West Kutai.

Image via Instagram/@raditya_masja


25. Ladang Budaya Tenggarong.

Image via Instagram/@okyfernanda



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