Image source: Instagram/@explorepontianak

All the spots for Instagrammers, all over this equatorial city.

Andi Rosita Dewi   09 September 2016 14:53 - Pontianak in West Kalimantan is a super popular tourist destination, described as 'heaven' for travelers on the island of Borneo. 

The equatorial city has a lot to offer, from cultural events to amazing views of the Kapuas river, but its young visitors are having fun on social media at tons of sick locations, and the Instagram account @explorepontianak has taken notice. 


1. Baseball field (MT Haryono). 


2. Seng Hie Port. 


3. Alun-alun Kapuas Park. 


4. Vihara Ayani II. 


5. Mujahidin Mosque. 


6. Alun-alun Sungai Kapuas. 


7. Taman Wisata Pancur Aji. 


8. Cornelis fruit garden. 


9. Rumah Pelangi, Sui Ambawang. 


10. Kapuas river. 


11. Rasau Jaya port. 


12. Jalan Gajah Mada.


13. Rumah Betang (Betang House). 


14. Tayan Bridge. 


15. St. Joseph's Cathedral. 




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