The perfect break without leaving the capital.

Andi Rosita Dewi   30 August 2016 15:36 - The thousand islands just off the coast of Jakarta are the perfect getaway from the Big Durian. Here are just a few of the stunning options you have to choose from. 

1. Pari. 

Image via Instagram/@pulauseribu_floaties

This island is home to white beaches and a research post run by Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of Sciences).

2. Bidadari.

Image via Instagram/@akbarrisyandi

As beautiful as its name suggests, Bidadari (angel) island becomes one of the most visited islands in the mini-archipelago.

3. Harapan.

Image via Instagram/@ririnn_a

Below water are reefs and above are rare birds. 

4. Tidung.

Image via Instagram/@ririerosari

This island is famous for its beaches and hospitality.

5. Semak Daun.

Image via Instagram/@zonatravelasia

Do you want a private holiday? Come to this place! This is one of the many uninhabited islands off the Jakarta coast.

6. Pramuka. 

Image via Instagram/@gak_perlu_edit

You can learn about the rare hawksbill sea turtles that reside here.

7. Pantara. 

Image via Instagram/@pungkyprayitno

This is further out that many islands but the boat journey will be worth it.

8. Kotok. 

Image via Instagram/@moeaerial

The coral reefs here make it perfect for diving.

9. Ayer. 

Image via Instagram/@tinamagita

Ayer will teach you what its like to live in a village on the sea.

10. Macan.

Image via Instagram/@ariancesitanggang

This eco-resort is one of the most well-known islands. It's name means 'Tiger'. 

11. Payung. 

Image via Instagram/@pulaupayung

You get here from Tidung island. Payung is popular with campers.

12. Sepa. 

Image via Instagram/@alditanoyo

This is a paradise for snorkelers. 

13. Bira. 

Image via Instagram/@elank_travel

This is one of the most popular locations for wedding photoshoots. 




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