Prepare your best poses, guys!

Andi Rosita Dewi   23 September 2016 17:49 - With beautiful tourism destinations, come the sound of cameras snapping Instagram-worthy images. Enter the black sand dunes of North Toraja's Buntao district, a location that is currently enjoying popularity as one of the region's many unique sights to behold.

Check out what the fuss is all about:

1. Pretty cool, huh?

Image via Instagram/@opah_95


2. Express yourself!

Image via Instagram/@opah_95


3. Toraja is the place to be

Image via Instagram/www_evangeline


4. Why take a selfie when there's more fun in photo sessions with the squad?

Image via Instagram/@kikybunga


5. Pre-wedding shoot? Why not.

Image via Instagram/@fadly_cmc


6. Get off your couch and make your way here!

Image via Instagram/@fandii__


7. Prepare yourself for this view

Image via Instagram/@pia_toraya_adventure


8. All the different angles...

Image via Instagram/@wiwipongarrang



9. Have fun exploring, but please be sure not to litter when you visit.

Image via Instagram/@toraja_id



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