Get close to nature without being too far from the city.

Victoria Tunggono   30 December 2016 14:52

Bandung, capital city of West Java is a unique city that sits at 768 meters above sea level with layers of hills and mountains surrounding its borders. If you happen to in town and are looking to break away from the city center in search of a fresher atmosphere, we've summed up some of the best places for you to stop by.  

1. Phinisi Restaurant


The ark-shaped restaurant is part of the Glamping Lakeside, Jl. Raya Ciwidey, Rancabali, in the south of Bandung. The cool breeze will leave you feeling refreshed and the 360° view from the top of the deck will give you a splendid scenery of the tea plantation around the lake.


2. Barusen Hills


Still in the south area of Bandung, this restaurant is located in the natural hill of Gambung, nearby Wisma Santo Aloysius. The heart-shaped bamboo stage adds romance to the Love Garden and Love Lake they have. You might want to consider declaring your feelings to a loved one here. ;) 


3. Ciwidey Valley Water Hot Spring Resort


Ciwidey has long been famous for its natural hot water springs and, for those planning to stay overnight, a its glamping site. It is also home to a restaurant shaped like a giant birdcage that's bound to awe your Instagram followers. The resort is located in Jl. Raya Barutunggul KM 17, Rancabali.

4. Dago Dream Park


Located beneath the tall pine trees on Jalan Dago Giri KM 2.2, the restaurant offers a refreshing view greeneries while you enjoy the meal. A shuttle bus is also provided for those interested in taking a tour of the compound, in addition to boats, horses, and other facilities for fun outdoor activities.

5. Lereng Anteng


If you don't have enough time to spare for a night of glamping, Lereng Anteng offers you the experience over a single meal. Located at Jalan Baru Laksana 75, Punclut, Ciumbuleuit, guests are invited to dine in transparent plastic tents located on a terraced hill with a view of the surrounding plantation. 


6. Roxx Café


The cliff-side café is located in Gunung Batu, Lembang area. The building itself may look ordinary, but the panorama from inside is pretty mindblowing. 


7. Audrey Scenic Dining


This restaurant has the rustic Javanese' Joglo architecture with a touch of Greek-style blue tiles. Add to that the beautiful view from the Lembang highlands and food, the venue offers a great alternative for those tired of the more crowded city center area of Bandung. Audrey Scenic is located in Panorama Indah A9, Lembang.


8. Dusun Bambu


Located on Jalan Kertawangi, Lembang, Dusun Bambu has villas, a camping site, and lake with activities for the whole family. There are three options of well-designed restaurants on the site: by the lake, inside beautiful nest-like rooms, or at a food court with a view of the mountains.


9. The Lodge Maribaya


If you're not afraid of heights, The Lodge on Jalan Maribaya Timur KM 6 is for you. Home to a camping site with unique tents, trekking activities, and great views, Maribaya Waterfall is the place to go for a quick weekend getaway. Adrenaline junkies can challenge themeselves with a variety of activities, from biking to swinging from the tall trees in the area.  


10. Floating Market


It's a little known fact that Bandung, too, has its own floating market. Best thing is, while parents may want to explore the different merchants in the area, kids are also welcome to have their own fun at the nearby park or with a bunch of other outdoorsy activities around Situ Umar Lake. The market is located in Jl. Grand Hotel 33 E, Lembang.



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