The product, as the name implies, is a bonsai that floats mid-air.

  29 January 2016 16:00 - A group of genius scientists and garden enthusiasts have just launched their Kickstarter’s campaign for Air bonsai.

The product, as the name implies, is a bonsai that floats mid-air.

A plant of the future, Air bonsai comprised of two components; the bottom half of a magnetic “energy base” and a floating top called “little star” made of moss or lava.

This levitating tree is still on its conception stage and soon will be available in the market. A Kickstarter project (link to )   has been launched, where early-bird supporters could place their initial order to be among the firsts in the world to own this surreal work of art.

The cheapest DIY package costs $200 includes everything needed to create this floating tree – but not the tree itself. With these kits, everyone can create their own Air Bonsai with any native plants that are available in your local places. While the complete kits with plants & Japanese bonsai tree costs $500. However, due to the agricultural regulations, plants can’t be shipped out of Japan, and specific market like U.S customers will receive American-grown trees such as pine.

But for Indonesian, fret not, you still can place a tree or any plant weighing about 10.5 ounces or less into the little star and it will float about seven-tenths of an inch above the base.

Air Bonsai will begin their distribution in August 2016. Welcome to the future!

Check the video below to get the full detail..

(Reported by: Nadia Bintoro)


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