Her scientific work will be presented in a conference in Japan.

Syifa Fauziah   26 January 2017 15:36

Sinta Alvianti, a student in Lampung University, is invited to join Hokkaido-Indonesian Student Association Scientific (HISAS) conference in Hokkaido University, Japan, in March for her invention that can turn sea water into a source of power.

Sinta said she was inspired by the fact that many areas in Lampung are still lacking of sufficient power source, especiall in the coastal areas.

"Take West Lampung, Pesawaran or the West Coast for example, where there are many places without enough electricity. They have an abundant amount of sea water, so I think, why dont we just use them?," she said.

"This tool can turn sea water into a source of power, those helping the people to fulfil their need for electricity." 

However, her invention is still in a prototype form.

She managed to test 200 ml of sea water and 40 electrodes, and produced 32.8 volt from them.

"The combustion process in this tool can automatically turn the salt in the sea water into power that can be used for human need," Sinta told Antara recently.

"It is still a proptotype, but I believe this innovation will solve the electricity problem in Lampung, especially in coastal areas. It is also easy to use.”


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