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It could be an evolutionary trait to save us from subconscious trauma.

Irwan Khoiruddin   31 August 2016 19:01

Brilio.net - It is a built-up hidden emotional conflict that finally goes through the surface. That's the medical answer.

Indonesia is always close to the supernatural.

One of the most common occurrences is someone becoming possessed by a supernatural entity, or what the locals callkesurupan. In supernatural belief, it is a condition where you lose control of your own body and mind, and while the entity takes over as they use your body as a medium to express their messages to living humans.

Science has had few answers for the phenomenom until recently. 

Doctor Alvin Nursalim says being possessed is effectively “conversion disorder”, which includes neurological symptoms that affect sensory and motor function.

“A person might complain about a certain uncontrollable muscle movements or sensory disturbances. What makes it different from other diseases with the same symptoms is that we wouldn’t find any organ disorder that could make conversion disorder happen,” Nursalim told medical consultation site at klikdokter.com

Here is a video showing soldiers helping to exorcise a woman "possessed" by a Kuntilanak demon:

The disorder is related to trauma that manifests itself in physical disorders. It is possible that the sufferer might have suffered some traumatic event long before a reaction like this surfaces.

It generally attacks women between the ages of 20 and 40.

The symptoms include numbness, dementia, trouble swallowing, blindness and motor dysfunction. In certain cases, the sufferer might get convulsions or attack family members. 

The logical cause of conversion disorder is thought to be a hidden emotional conflict in the subconscious. From a psychological point of view, this is the way the sufferer’s subconscious mind is trying to release its suffering. 

It may even be an evolutionary trait designed to elicit care that a person can't ask for consciously. 

To handle the case, Nursalim suggests counseling, medication, or even inpatient treatment at a hospital. One of the most effective treatments is structured counseling with the patient, along with moral support from the sufferer’s friends and family.



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