Unfinished hotel in Bedugul (Image via elgibrany)

Want something other than beaches, temples or rice terraces? See if you have the guts.

Retno Wulandari   03 September 2016 18:54

Brilio.net - Despite the beautiful beaches and stunning rice terrace views, some bold travelers to Bali opt for more peculiar places to visit – places that are rumored to be haunted.

Want to see if its true or not? See if you have the guts...

1. Taman Festival “Ghost Town” in Sanur. 

The forsaken theme park was closed down due to financial difficulties, and all of its buildings and abandoned rides were claimed back by the forest. 

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2. Bounty Beach Club in Gili Meno. 

Okay, it’s not really in Bali, but on secluded Gili Meno island, Bounty Beach Club Bungalows once enjoyed a heyday. The glory days are long gone and the abandoned Balinese infrastructure has lain empty ever since. Some say it was abandoned after the Bali bombings, others that it was closed after the unnatural death of its owner. Some people claim they’ve seen the owner's ghost in the unoccupied buildings.

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3. Abandoned Aircraft near Pandawa Beach. 

In addition to the famous abandoned plane wedged in a residential area in Kuta, another plane was found abandoned near the famous Pandawa Beach on the Bukit Peninsula. The real-size plane has its passengers’ chairs removed, leaving an empty aisle with an eerie atmosphere. Now, this creepy site is an Instagram hit. 


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4. Uncompleted Hotel in Bedugul. 

The construction of Taman Rekreasi Bedugul Hotel stopped in 2002 after the Bali bombings and never restarted, even though it was nearly complete. Dubbed the “Ghost Palace Hotel,” it’s now completely abandoned and has gained a reputation as one of the scariest places on the island. Toilets are installed, luxurious beds in rooms and a beautiful reception sit there empty. It's unclear why this hotel never opened, but some say it's because there were so many accidents in its construction. Some visitors claim to hear construction noises to this day. 


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5. Deserted Temple in Karangasem. 

Nobody knows why the construction of the temple in Tista Village was never completed. It has lain forgotten for many years and all the statues, ornaments and stairs covered with moss. With all the rumors about this temple, many are afraid to visit it. 


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6. The Necropolis of Trunyan. 

The best for last. What do you expect from the village where deceased people are laid just like that under a huge, shady tree? In the village of Trunyan, we can see the dead everywhere. The locals have a habit of neither cremating nor burying the deceased family members. The bodies are just laid on the ground, hedged in with a bamboo cage to prevent scavenging animals from eating them. Some of those bodies are rather new, still with flesh and skins, some of them are half-rotten, and the rest are just skeletons. But in a place filled with rotten bodies, you won’t notice any bad smell. The tree, known as Taru Menyan, is allegedly the secret behind this. The sacred tree prevents the bodies from releasing their odors.


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There are bodies inside the cages (Image via sewavilladibali)

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