What different coffees say about your personality

Retno Wulandari   15 July 2016 12:45

Brilio.net - You probably never give a second thought about the kind of coffee you order but with coffee shops everywhere and so many styles to choose from, this hugely popular beverage is providing the opportunity the to study people’s preferences.

Scientists looked at 1,000 coffee drinkers and drew conclusions linking personality traits and types with people’s preferences. They say they’ve found some profound understanding into the kinds of individuals we are by looking at the coffee we drink.

So, the question is, do you like your coffee black? Would you like some milk in your espresso? Or do you prefer a blended, creamy Frappuccino?  Scroll down to find out!

The Latte

When you like to add milk and sugar to your coffee, you literally like to add some sweetness to this bitter world. As a comfort seeker, you tend to be laid back and reflective. You are easy going and can be indecisive. While you tend to be a fence sitter, you prefer to be a team player rather than a single responsible bearer. You love to take things as fun, and managed to nurture your inner child to make you keep young at heart.

You love comfortable trousers of a pair of old jeans, a comfy shirt (or T-shirt) and a pair sneakers to accompany your light steps. As an alternative for milk in your coffee, you might love to add some scoop of ice cream instead.


The Espresso

You’re quick, easy, and to the point. So you love your coffee to be fast and simple. You’re reliable and loyal, and born to be a leader. You are usually punctual and can’t bear any delay and slowness in this fast paced world. You speed up conversations, moving from one task to another in a flash of light. You know what you want, and used to know how to get there (and you’re always on your way!).

You’re hardworking, but might need constant booster throughout the day. Five shots in just one morning? Just an ordinary thing to keep you from getting moody and broody (which you have a tendency to do).

We know you’re driven by ambitions, but remember to one day a week to slow down, to keep your mind and body from blowing.

The Long Black

When you like your coffee straight up, you like things black and white. You’re straightforward, quiet and moody but extroverted when needed. You’re not a follower and have the potential to be a conservative leader who tends to avoid conflict or change. You’re reliable and rarely mess around, and that’s what people like about you.

You love freshly pressed suits and neat hair. You drink your daily long black in a hilarious mug to show that you’re not too totally straightlaced. When things started to be somewhat unbearable, to lighten things up, a drop of milk or two won’t hurt!


The Cappuccino Person

You are sociable, creative, skilled and optimistic, but the cappuccino you sip reveals some signs of wanting control. You may be somewhat over the top, but you are exceptionally inventive and inspired. Though you’re an artistic and creative person, you rarely follow trends and enjoy time on your own. While you tend to be detail-oriented, you hardly ever share your personal details to others. You feel totally at home in a coffee shop, but you are surprisingly introverted. More than anything though, you have class.


The Affogato Person

You love your coffee to stay black, but you’ve got a sweet tooth so you like a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry on top. The Affogato is not exactly the kind of coffee that people sip every day (lots of calories!), but it says a lot about its fans. When you love Affogato, it means you are playful, happy and always up for a good time. You’re not really a morning person, but you can work like a dog late at night. That’s when you want your coffee as a treat. You do things at your own pace, and that way you find some fun in everything you do.


The Frappuccino Person

One choco-caramel blended please! You’re forever young at heart, fashionable, stylish and spontaneous. New and unique things don’t scare you so you have all the potentials to be a trendsetter. Roam the city with your stylish scarf and tiny bag, you’re always on the move and are hardly ever seen drinking in a coffee shop (you really don’t have time!). You keep your eyes glued to your phone, updating Pinterest with lifestyle and fashion tips. But maybe you could take a little more time for yourself.

Whatever your coffee preference, you keep doing you!

Stay thirsty, friends.



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