This “designer daddy” left the high fashion world to delight his children with self-made, insanely beautiful costumes.

Retno Wulandari   27 June 2016 11:47 - Most kids love dressing up as characters from their favourite fairytale movies, but not all of them even had a chance to do so. But this man’s children are lucky, because while costumes and carnivals are usually things left up to mommy, in their case it’s daddy who takes charge in making their dreams come true.

Meet Nephi Garcia, a 32-year-old fashion designer and father of three who lives in Orange, California. For the past nine years he worked in high fashion, but things started to change when his kids were born.

“Once I had kids, it started to feel like the industry wasn’t really working for me,” Garcia told BuzzFeed.

Last year, when the family planned a trip to Disney World, 6-year-old Lili asked her dad to make an appropriate costume to be worn in the theme park. Since then, Garcia’s started to uncover his hidden potential for creating out-of-this-world fairytale costumes from scrap.

And that’s how he transforms into “Designer Daddy,” much to the delight of his little ones, Lili, Eddy, and Leo.

Here are some of Garcia’s masterpieces:

1. Each piece is meticulously crafted to be a wearable work of art, like this Alice costume for daughter Lili.


2. Lili and her mommy Beth in fairy godmother costume daddy made for the Disney World trip. Garcia made it from scrap fabrics, and people instantly started freaking out.

Image via Instagram/@designerdaddy_


3. Garcia’s dresses with floating veils carried by birds are particularly amazing. “I try to make costumes that go outside of the box,” he said.

Image via buzzfeed



"A dream that you wish will come true" #cinderell #designerdaddy

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4. To make these dreamy costumes a reality, Garcia used some wire and two fake birds. “I altered the birds’ wings to make them look like they were flying,” he said.

Image via buzzfeed



5.  It takes Garcia roughly four to six hours to make one of his children’s costumes.


6. “I hate repeating designs, so I always try to vary each dress so that they’re unique,” he said.


7. When the family was at Disney World, people were asking for Lili’s autograph and Garcia got orders for ten more costumes right on the spot.


Happy #mermaidmonday!!! #Ariel #designerdaddy #mermaid

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8. Garcia uses a lot of organic silk and gets materials shipped from Europe. “I don’t charge cheaply, but I also don’t deliver a cheap product,” he said.



Evil Regal. #evilqueen #regina #reginamills #designerdaddy #evilregal #evilregals #ouat #50evilways

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Just one bite... #ouat #designerdaddy #costume #cosplay #kidscancosplay #kidscosplay #reginamills #regina #evilqueen #50evilways

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9. “Lili really loves the transformation dresses,” he said.

Image via buzzfeed

Image via buzzfeed


10. “And my son really loves to be dressed as the villains, especially Gaston.”


Like father like son #designerdaddy #curlyhairdontcare #prince #princecharming PC @bethaniegarcia

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Prince Charming 1-2t 120.00

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11. Adults also frequently ask Garcia to design for them, and the costumes are equally stunning.


12. This family costumes are also super awesome!


My Aladdin Costume... Cause I'll never wear it again $300 cape, hat, and pants :)

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